Warnings inflation could breach 2% target as prices rise
17/02/2021 | news | business | 701
Prices rose 0.7% in January in what some economists said could mark a first step in rising costs post-lockdown.
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And the rate of inflation will get worse as prices increase due to the new indirect taxation the UK Gov has implemented for all EU imports. Customs duty is gong to cost us consumers a shed load. The cost of all that extra paperwork will be passed on to us. Thanks Brexiters, you claim you knew what you were voting for. Fact is you didn't know the difference between a FTA and the SM & CU.
Congratulations, on making yourself look a total pillock.

Keep crying those salty remoaner tears you loser.
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Why? It is a matter of public record that importers may be trading without quota or tariffs, but they are now subject to import duties and customs charges. The UK Gov is the sole beneficiary of that income. For that the haulers have to fill out a shed load of paperwork which costs a shed load of money and the time to process has shot up. All that will ultimately be paid for by the consumer.
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So food went up in January? Stand up anyone who didn't see that one coming? Sit down Boris!

Furniture offering smaller than usual discounts? Didn't notice on the DFS ads, but I wasn't really paying attention, as I was focused more on the total mess Boris was making of Covid & Brexit again !

Still waiting for my G&T with peanuts, Mr Gove????
Poor bitter remoaner, get over yourself Removed
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Wait until the effects of Brexit start properly kicking in because of increased trading costs.
Cry me a salty river you poor bitter remoaner Removed
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I don't have much to add to the topic as economics isn't my strong suit.

What I think I CAN predict with some accuracy, is that by this afternoon this thread will have descended into the usual borefest in which half the comments are either "Thanks Brexiteers :(" followed up by "stop crying Remoaner", or something involving "bungling Boris/BoJo the Clown".

HYS should stand for Have Your Strop!
BBC you changed the headline!. I said earlier that your headline was crap and you didn't remove my comment, much to my surprise. So at the risk of removal again. This is crap, crap and more crap. Removed
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You're a true vulgarian!??
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I remember when I was a kid, the 'Bogyman' was the term used to scare us into doing what the elders wanted
Now the kids have the 'BBC-man' trying to scare us and manipulate how we think and what we do.
All for our own good of coarse, us plebs
Typical prat who doesn't like the message and so blames the messenger.

'of coarse' you could always improve your English before posting more nonsense.