450,000 families ‘behind on rent because of Covid’
16/02/2021 | news | business | 653
One in 20 private renters say they have been refused rent reductions, a report says.
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Just how many properties do you own, oh self-righteous property magnate?
And how much tax do you pay constantly ratifying self-righteous hypercritic? Removed
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You're just stereotyping people as feckless because it panders to your prejudice, in the same way that migrants were scapegoats. How about some compassion. After all, baby-boomer landlords are suffering terrible cash flow problems as a result.
And how much tax do you pay constantly ratifying self-righteous hypercritic? Removed
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If people are struggling to pay the rent because of loss of earnings that is fair enough..because these are un mitigated circumstances.

However if people get into debt because they choose poorly on what they spend their money on that is wrong
YEAH ADMINBOY - because if you didn't know, your role in life is to be a slave to the elite, get into as much debt as possible for which they will charge you a sh*t ton of interest, pay your taxes and die. Don't you dare spend money on Sky so you can watch the match at the weekend after a tough 48 hour week you LAZY FECKLESS SOD. Removed
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What is wrong with you....I am just advocating that people live within their means..... I certainly have to because I 'aint rich.

Its not about the elite and I am all for helping those who fall down badly and need a financial helping hand
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Social housing is terrible, give poor people something for nothing. All we've ended up with was ghettos and crime hotspots. The lazy underclass need to get off their gyro's and into the labour market.
Idiot! Removed
No word of a lie, my friend is in the process of selling her BtL house as the current tenant needs somewhere bigger.

Leicester City Council (we're looking at you "Sir" Peter Soulsby!) actually advised said tenant to squat in the property once her 6 month notice period was up!! Absolutely shocking! This is advice coming from an official of a Local Authority. What hope have honest Landlords got??!
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Having worked in financial services, specializing in mortgages, I'd like some proof, as this sounds about as ficticious as it gets!??
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What's that I smell... post the evidence dear boy!
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Doesn't surprise me. My local authority are paying all rent areas even if in receipt of full rent.??????????????
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Which is why there should never have been a change from the rent being paid directly to landlords in the first place.
Indeed - the sort of person on bennies receiving HB aren't really the types that can be trusted with money, especially when that money is given to them for free. Removed
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The expansion of the reserve pool of labour and associated persistent high net immigration is the primary driver of both low wages and high rents.
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Selling ones wares for the market price in a market economy is not "parasitic" - off to Venezuela for you.

The causation of suppressed wages and increased rents is oversupply of labour and overdemand of accommodation - i.e. persistent high net immigration and the expansion of the reserve pool of labour.
Landlords are lazy parasites, not businessmen. Removed
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Except they're not.
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There are plenty of safety nets out there to help people, furlough being one of them.
This is just a case of people living lifestyles on the never never, living way above their means and not thinking about tomorrow. This is the consequence for spending instead of saving.
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the housing minister has £1 million house in Shropshire and £2 million house in londongrad
£20,000 a month rented house (tax payers) house in Newark he knows the housing market and
the benefits of planning permission
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Two sides to the coin.

We need honest, decent and respectful landlords.

We also need honest, decent and respectful tenants.