Covid: 'No evidence' schools spread lots of coronavirus
15/02/2021 | news | health | 1,386
Researchers looked at teacher and pupil Covid "sick days" in England in the autumn term up to Christmas.
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Oh dear what will Labour & their union masters moan about now? They were desperate for them to choose. Now desperate for them to reopen. Typical flip flop from the bandwagon party.
What a waste of a life. At least contribute like an adult, but to just troll for a political party is just a sad. I bet your mum is proud of you. Removed
Love the way the Covid Nazis and hysterical bed wetters believe EVERY bit of research that plays in to their Covid fears and Covid fascism until research like this comes along, Then they wont believe a word of it, of course they don't because they may have to stop demonising the young!
Time they realised C19 is endemic & here to stay and locking folk away does nothing, Time to get back to NORMAL
Bedwetting lazy teachers don't like this Removed
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Too difficult to collate/analyse and proves nothing.
It's just Busy Work!
idiot Removed
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Schools were closed largely to prevent transmission of Covid from kids to elderly relatives . Now the old have received/receiving their vaccines what is problem.
BAMES won't get the vaccine. Removed
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Of course they will "Steve" and thousands already have. I hope that is clear
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Freedom of choice sometimes comes with a price.
Absolutely hilarious to see all the Lockdown obsessives lose it - it’s all falling down in front of you! - your Lockdown is ending soon! - deal with it!. Your pathetic, cowardly obsession in hiding away and systematically destroying the education of kids has been called out for the rubbish it is. Removed
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A little bit angry??
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LOL... pathetic!!
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Get back to work and do the job you are paid to do. If you weren't on full pay you would soon be back
??????alert?? Removed
Cannot comment. Moderators will not support freedom of speech. Removed
See teachers are getting their excuses in quick before they go on strike. Removed
Lower the age of drinking in pubs the kids could all go out on the lash and they could send their mum and dads a bottle of pop and a pack of salt and vinegar outside.... Removed
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The researchers looked at sick days due to covid but in schools pupils who are isolating due to covid or being in contact with covid are not marked as sick. There are different codes for covid related causes but not registered as ill.
I teach in a large secondary school with 1500 pupils and no social distancing. I don’t need scientific evidence, I got common sense.
See teachers are getting their excuses in quick before they go on strike. Removed
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No teaching staff have been vaccinated yet either....must be untouchable!! NOT
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So there we have it teachers no more at risk than anyone else kids not effected if anything its the world infecting schools time to tell the unions to do one, open the schools so the kids get a life back anyone who blocks it gets fined and treated like those who breach lockdown.
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If we all dress as schoolkids we'll be safe then?
I was tempted to make a comment about approx half the adult population dressing as schoolgirls and suggesting that it might not be as safe as you think, but then I reckoned the moderators, lacking any sense of humour, would find something "offensive" about it. Still let's try, eh? Removed
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Teachers the only "key workers" not working. Evidence in it was all baloney get back to work
They are working you idiot! Removed
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Well done to the parents desperate for their baby sitting service to re commence driving this ridiculous agenda and desperation to re-open schools. Watch the cases go back up
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Incubation period is 10 days? If spike was in September it was due to August infection and school testing picking it up? Same thing will happen when schools reopen and the same doomsbergs in msm and unions will squeel. They need to be ignored, kids don't get ill, 95% teachers are under 50, will not die, they will get the flu. That is if they are not sensible or catch it outside. Get back to work.
..... are you some sort of idiot?? Removed
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If he is he was probably taught by one of the teachers on this HYS
If you're reading this you have survived the WUHAN VIRUS so far.....

Looking forward to the Chinese Communist Party apologizing for:

- creating the Wuhan Virus
- covering it up
- denying it originated in China
- causing global suffering, loss and death


Hurting the feelings of the People of the World.

Isn't Communist China great!?!

The CCP needs to be held accountable.

Tell your M.P.
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What utter nonsense. Strongly suggest you call up the Andrew Marr show (Sunday14th Feb) on your I player and see what someone who actually knows what he is talking about and has been to Wuhan as part of the WHO team has to say on this matter.
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Pressure from teaching unions.... Imagine if the nurses behaved like teachers... WoW what a scary thought.
Prick Removed
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Not the most academic of comments.... Not surprised though, The standard of education is not what it was.
Schools spread Covid Removed
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Strangely there has been more cases at my childs school since the new lockdown than there was all of last year! There are only a few children in the school (those of keyworkers) does that not show that the actual cause is from where the parents work, and that it is parents spreading it to children, not the other way round.