Spieth maintains lead at Pebble Beach
14/02/2021 | sport | golf | 179
Jordan Spieth still leads the Pebble Beach Pro-Am after firing a one-under 71 on day three in California.
14/02/2021 17:18:05 5 1
The biggest surprise, Jimmy, is that Maksi has been championing for a HYS when play is still in progress - yet he’s come on and offered nothing.
14/02/2021 14:04:25 4 1
This is not a Spurs HYS.
so much for the experts on here on previous hys, when it was dared to be suggested thats sports spreads covid
Oh its so safe they said and was told to shut up

Now harrington riddled with it, wander how many more
14/02/2021 22:10:40 3 0
As I’ve said before, a tiny number of professional golfers getting covid is not the problem. Idiots having parties are a much bigger issue.

Shutting down outdoor professional sports, as you keep suggesting, is unnecessary. Now crack open a beer, put your feet up and enjoy the back 9.
14/02/2021 22:13:56 1 1
Harrington “riddled with it”? Where do you get your information from?

Harrington says he is fine, has some mild flu symptoms, has a few days self isolation to go (in the Lodge at pebble beach), and is competing again next week.

Covid is a serious business, but hyperbole like yours does not help.