Why Sunak says he will be “open and honest” over the Budget
12/02/2021 | news | business | 643
The government's plan is to provide a roadmap out of restrictions in a fortnight.
12/02/2021 14:09:37 62 16
Well that will make a refreshing change for a politician to be open and honest. No doubt he will still find some nice little scheme that will tap into the pockets of the Middle earners whilst leaving the Top earners to continue offshoring their wealth in our British Overseas tax havens. No doubt Amazon and eBay will get off scott free once again.
12/02/2021 17:53:20 9 5
This report is infuriating, as the BBC isn’t reporting the accurate picture over GDP figures.

The fact is, it is only the UK which enacted changes prior to COVID to how data is reported and no other country has, meaning many measures are making ourselves look terrible on the world stage.

The BBC should run an accurate report on this and stop bashing our country and start supporting it.
Please spare a thought for criminals who are, on the whole, finding it very hard during the lockdown. Everyone’s at home so little scope for the professional burglar . Likewise, muggers have been seriously affected (there are not enough toffs flouting lockdown rules to go around) and shop lifters are facing closed shops. Removed
13/02/2021 11:57:09 3 3
Police should therefore be concentrating on missed crimes instead of people sledging or thought crime
They’ve probably found a way to scam money via Sunak’s Colander Style support system....fraud’s cost c. £26 billion already!!
13/02/2021 15:02:52 0 2
plus column will have lives saved by early vaccination think any cost is paid for if you are not dead?