Year-long routine surgery waits 'worst since 2008' in England
11/02/2021 | news | health | 223
In January, hospitals in England treated nearly a third of all Covid patients since the pandemic began.
11/02/2021 16:34:26 86 25
The NHS morphed into the National COVID Response Service back in early April 2020. I think it is disgusting how anything that is not COVID has been ignored. Many people will die as a reault of this.
Tell me how can it treat anything else if the staff are sick and the beds full of covid-19 patients?

Despite idiots like you who seem to think that nothing is happening they're treating more patients than ever, including my elderly relative with cancer.
11/02/2021 16:51:07 11 8
Remember the empty nightingale hospitals? Use those for the COVID patients. Then staff them with the bountiful agency staff, it appears cost has not been an issue over the last year. That gives you general capacity in other areas. And I find it odd that specialist diagnostic facilities have been abandoned. Do we really need to PET scan a COVID patient, Outpatients have been empty too.
11/02/2021 16:52:32 5 3
Are you saying that resources have not been diverted to make the Government's response to Covid look better?
11/02/2021 20:18:26 11 10
Hancock must stand down over this.
Clearly you must have your head in the clouds!!!
Do you know how to spell simpleton?
11/02/2021 21:00:07 1 3
No, but it seems you do!
11/02/2021 21:02:34 7 6
All these people bleating about this are probably the same people that drive around in their cars on their own with face masks on bleating about covidiots ??
What a tnuc Removed
Will people behave
The waiting lists for treatments and operations were falling long before COVID
We haven't met 1 key target not even cancer targets for years
Reform has sod all to do with it
We spend less per capita on health services than the majority of major European countries
You cannot have 10 years of cutting beds nurses and doctors and expect targets to be met
We voted for this
Bottom line? We sacrificed people for the elderly. Removed