HS2: Next phase of controversial rail network gets green light
11/02/2021 | news | business | 823
Legislation needed to clear the next stage of the controversial project has passed through Parliament.
Sort out the HS2 contractors corruption first. Removed
11/02/2021 15:41:19 24 5
If we start properly looking into corruption during this Tory incumbency we will scarcely know where to begin... It is rife and blatant and not being properly investigated or even mentioned at the moment.
11/02/2021 16:29:02 0 0
any examples?
11/02/2021 14:53:17 26 11
Terrible news and an utter waste of public money which could be far better spent, especially considering people's need to travel post-pandemic will be dramatically reduced.

This vanity project's justification is as hollow as the claim you can simply relocate ancient woodland.
11/02/2021 15:03:07 6 1
So you are opposed to funding furlough, the increased NHS requirements and the vaccine program ... ?
You mean gene threapy yes! Removed
Hospitals, schools, doctors surgeries,homes, internet infrastructure, safe cladding and the existing rail network and roads. All things that the billions would be better spent on sorting out. All things that require a construction industry employing thousands of people and providing apprentices with a career. Not a single rail line for a few tossers... please! Removed
11/02/2021 15:01:36 17 96
It sounds a lot like Envy.
Given your previous comments I take it you are making out of this or were you just born a ....head Removed
You never see a dark skin (apart from dirt) among the nutty activists protesting against progress. Wonder why that is...

Reality is that the diggers in Euston are two steps removed from the far right, and that's only because the far right edges away from them because they're a bit extreme.
11/02/2021 15:46:25 7 5
Personally I am sick and tired of 'greens' being against every single advance. No cars, no trains or planes, don't eat meat dont heat your home with gas, coal or use nuclear They will not be satisfied until we are all being transported by tofu eating jesus sandeled hemp clad rickshaw drivers, when not using zoom powered by solar energy on a computer built in china which we cant afford to buy.
They aren't really green at all. They're genocidal racists who want to kill as many 'darkies' as possible by denying them the benefits of development. Removed
11/02/2021 15:27:35 1 5
HS2 was a white elephant before the pandemic and is doubly so now.

Shame on those who are pouring our money into their supporter's offshore taxhavens.
Shame on antisemitic conspiracy theorists. I mean, seriously, how nutty do you have to be to think Boris is a puppet of 'the Jew world government'? Removed
11/02/2021 15:26:31 8 4
If anyone ever bothered to think, or check their facts, before they batter out monumentally idiotic posts, it would reduce the threads on here (BBC) by 95%. The whole HS2 project is about network capacity. It's also easy for those with no jobs, and no prospect of jobs, or those who get paid/pension whatever happens, to 'illuminate' the rest of us who pay for that privilege. Rather depressing....
But the anti-HS2 'protests' are nothing to do with railways. It's just how genocidal far right racists do things these days. Removed
11/02/2021 15:25:42 3 1
On the subject of ancient woodlands and wildlife impact, residents, Local Authorities and wildlife trusts in Beds and Bucks should demand that HS2 undertakes a geological impact analysis of excavation earthworks, deep cuttings and tunnel boring across the chalk rock in the Chiltern Hills. There were 4 moderate earthquakes in the Vale of Aylesbury - Leighton Buzzard last September 2020.
That's a funny typo for 'kill the n****rs by burning them alive'. But don't worry, we can still see what you meant. Removed
11/02/2021 16:04:50 8 1
Currently most people use cars and lorries to get around the country. Even a relatively small switch from roads to rail would overwhelm existing rail capacity. Existing lines need to be upgraded but this is also expensive and causes many delays to existing users. So we need more railway lines. HS2 is 21st century technology.
What do these environmentalists want? A permanent form of lockdown?
"What do these environmentalists want? A permanent form of lockdown?"

No, to kill everyone in the world with dark skin. White supremacists' worst nightmare is 'the darkies' getting wealthy like 'whites'.
I still wonder why Shapps closed down his online sites so swiftly if they were the great success that he bragged they were. Removed
BBC do not like us to say that the HS2 contractors are full of corruption. 100 people agreed until it was removed. Sort out HS2 corruption. Removed
12/02/2021 08:55:36 0 1
No. You need to check out how Major Investment Projects - not just HS2, think nuclear power plants - are financed. It's not by the taxpayer.