Covid-19: Sports equipment presents 'low risk'
10/02/2021 | news | health | 375
A study finds coronavirus particles decay rapidly on sports equipment, including cricket and tennis balls.
10/02/2021 11:25:31 23 8
Long walks touching gates. Trips to the supermarket touching trollies and goods. Going to work in an office every day and touching things. Receiving online goods and touching them. I don't use anti bacterial hand sanitiser (why would you for a virus... you need anti viral) I haven't had so much as a snivel. I'm not a denier, just very confused about what is going on. Happy to wear a mask, but why?
10/02/2021 11:13:37 32 93
I take it that you are one of the fools fingering all the produce in the supermarket.

You look with your eyes not your hands.

If people had just been considerate then many tens of thousands of people would still be alive today.

Selfish, self centered, arrogant fools.

It makes my blood boil when I see some granny going around slowly picking up and putting back everything off the shelves.
I fingered a chicken the other day, but that's another story, and I was very lonely....honest. Removed
What about double ended dildos? Removed