Putting councils 'in the driving seat' would save £1.6bn, says report
10/02/2021 | news | politics | 172
Centralising responsibility for social care would risk disruption, a council-commissioned report says.
Madness to allow corrupt and incompetant Labour councils anywhere near the purse strings.
Have we learned nothing from the past ?
You only have to look at what has and is going on in Liverpool
10/02/2021 11:27:14 4 0
Come on then you Bozo bottom licker, enlighten us with with your vast knowledge of lies and stupidity. What is going on in Liverpool. The
city volunteered for mass testing, resulting in infection rates plummeting.
Be brave for once, and if for once you can give an honest answer ( which I doubt) tell us where you live.
I'm sure the Benefits Party would luv this!

Thankfully the Tories lead in every one of the last 9 opinion polls.
10/02/2021 14:50:12 1 1
Are you bored Billyboy?

I bet we could write on the back of a postage stamp what you understand about funding social care!

Opinion polls are manipulated Billyboy. It's easy to use numerous accounts to manipulate them!