Covid: Two tests for all UK arrivals during quarantine
09/02/2021 | news | business | 850
Details of the new system, aimed at tracking cases and detecting new variants, will be set out later today.
09/02/2021 11:38:42 67 35
This country is a joke... 11 months to late as usual
09/02/2021 11:38:31 4 26
I'm vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine which is the best one. Why am I not able to travel freely, and why am I being criminalised for seeing other vaccinated people?
Testing on arrival?
Only a year too late.

And those defending the governments' (all of them) actions against worse figures elsewhere are blinded by patriotism.

As a western, civilised country (not Americans!) our handling of this is shameful!
The Johnson / Krankie / old Welsh man governments should be tried and convicted of gross incompetence!
09/02/2021 12:16:19 2 1
Take a look across the EU then ... number are not great and and its vaccination program is a disaster.
If you can show me one country equal to the UK with a democratic government that has Covid under control ... I would like to know.
09/02/2021 12:21:48 0 0
I don't believe there is any law against incompetence.
09/02/2021 11:46:25 5 10
if I remember correctly, Mr Trump was first to stop international flights last year & the EU, BBC, etc bedwetters were outraged. Now they’re all wanting it twice as hard.
09/02/2021 11:32:31 123 51
Report Card for: B Johnson, Westminster

Vaccine: Excellent
Everything Else: Shambles. Absolute shambles.

Outlook: Unlikely to be voted for
Whats so excellent about a vaccine that is killing loads of people. Please do your research. Removed
09/02/2021 12:33:28 3 0
Exactly who needs to rely on the extensive research undertaken by the worlds best scientists and epidemiologists when we all know the real experts don't bother with that because they know you only need to step up a YouTube account and post videos to prove their credentials.
09/02/2021 11:46:25 5 10
if I remember correctly, Mr Trump was first to stop international flights last year & the EU, BBC, etc bedwetters were outraged. Now they’re all wanting it twice as hard.
09/02/2021 12:37:46 5 5
The world went nuts when international flights became very cheap ... before then few could afford to travel to Oz or Dubai.

My one hope is Covid leads to far less international travel as its impact upon the world is too damaging to justify.
My hope is that covid kills off all the morons that keep telling me my holidays aren't important. Removed
09/02/2021 12:54:57 0 0
a break from the norm is a holiday - doesn't have to include travel.
I think you all sleep with men.

Stop being moany people, you've got better things to do than comment on here. Covid is a terrible situation yes, get on with it and stop moaning.
You all have sex with men Removed
You all have sex with men. Removed
09/02/2021 12:44:44 2 5
If you are isolating either at home or in a quarantine prison why the need to test, I just dont get it, unless its to try to keep the case numbers up
You have sex with men Removed
09/02/2021 13:05:59 8 5
People who consider that their imagined 'rights' to do whatever pleases them, outweighs other people's actual rights not to be exposed unnecessarily to a viral hazard. Business, travel, economy, family visits, social therapy; none are good excuses for potentially murderous behaviours.
09/02/2021 13:12:38 2 2

Too late as the virus has already been spreading and variants after variants to be born

Also, I highly believe the virus came from pets and foxes in the UK and minks in viking nations
Anyone who post here regularly knows you are a Chinese national but do you post out of some patriotism to China or are you actually paid? Your post are hilarious you would enjoy Monty Python!
Still not figured out how the REPLY button works yet I see !!!

As you post here regularly then you'd think by now that you'd have got the hang of such a simple concept, clearly not...
09/02/2021 13:20:35 3 0
Potentially yes. But we are talking about foreign travel so why are you changing the subject?
Because he/ she is an attention seeking imbecile with nothing to do in his/ her sad life except hang around the BBC new site all day waiting for comments sections to open and post the same old inane drivel on it each time...

Tis entertaining though watching him/ her make a complete muppet of him/ herself...
09/02/2021 13:00:48 2 10
I see the daily gullible post everyday on HYS, or thinking they have the answer to life’s issues, from virus to vaccines through to commerce to banking, now your all happy that some people will have difficulties travelling because of two test, seems most posters want to see others having issues, HYS home for the un-ambitious socialist, the failures of life. My how envious your are
I see the daily brain dead (that being YOU) still posts daily/ at every opportunity your mind numbing same old drivel.

Was there a point you tried but failed to make there other than making a complete fool of yourself in a very ironic and hypocritical manner !

Seem HYS is your second home in your sad desperate daily bid to seek the attention of all others...

My how sad (really sad) you are...
09/02/2021 12:50:14 2 8
Not many adventurers on HYS stay home stay in bed get benefits eat pizza, only thing I see posted is no one should do anything I’m not allowed to do, I not too sure if it’s laziness envy or just wanting to control others.

People (some) work and pay taxes to keep you lot, some people have ambition and take calculated risk, most want to stay in bed. Must be a lot of socialist on HYS