EU vaccine export row: Irish government 'in talks' with European Commission
09/02/2021 | news | world | 401
Officials are trying to work out ways of avoiding more controversies involving Northern Ireland.
10/02/2021 09:10:08 2 6
RoI wanted the NI Protocol to leverage control over NI through the EU

That's why the RoI is meeting with the EU now - to gain power through control of NI

The RoI annexed NI by forcing a sea border then shut the land border
They are repeatedly exercising undemocratic control over NI aided by the EU

It's unacceptable to most people in NI to be undemocratically controlled by the RoI and the EU
10/02/2021 10:25:53 1 7
Yes but if the Inspectors are too scared to go out and do their job !!!! lol

Then the Sea Border will have to be moved won't it :-) ROI / Mainland EU
10/02/2021 12:26:23 2 8
Looks to be a small group of EU trolls using the down thumb on here at the moment. Feel free!
10/02/2021 14:50:11 1 3
A16 size grenade... ring a bell?

The one that gave Arlene and her mob just the excuse they were looking for. The other side are just as bad.

Brexit and NI was always a delicate situation to be dealt with as such.

Not to be charged over with VDL's size 12 hobnail boots.
I bet you're friends with a space cadet called Ahole1111, he talks the same nonsense..... Removed