NHS reform: 'No better time than now' for changes, says Matt Hancock
11/02/2021 | news | health | 2,326
The aim is for health and social care to join up more, but Labour questions the timing of the move.
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Is it a coincidence that the government announces a major NHS reform just as questions were being asked about the awarding of massive healthcare contracts to various cronies & donors and their families?
No just you jumping on the bandwagon. How's the corrupt Liverpool mayor doing? Removed
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Troll a loll a loll...
AKA 'there's a whole world of contracts out there just waiting for me and my mates'. The Cock doesn't do anything because he believes it will be better for us as users of these services, he does it because he believes it will be better for the pockets of the Tories and those of their donors. Removed
The division in this country sewn by Brexit is now more of a danger than Brexit itself ever was, we are now following the Americans down the rabbit hole of Red v Blue in a way never seen in this country on such a scale. Turn the working class on each other and let them fight over the crumbs while we run off with the cake. Removed
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Complete rubbish, in comparison to Hancock he has showed time and time again he understands the problems and he would act to solve them.

Do you expect him to do applaud the government as they; keep borders open, lock down too late repeatedly, encourage us to shake hands, tell us we don't need to wear a mask, bribe us to meet friends in the pub, allow people to mix indoors at christmas, etc etc
During the middle of a global pandemic?

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And your point about NHS reforms is? Or is this just another opportunity to spout your hatred of people who hold a different opinion to you???
Oh dear, a lot of empty vessels on here from an irrelevant organisation that sir sneer heads up temporary for now Removed
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Could you be any more childish???