Spieth showing shades of return to top
08/02/2021 | sport | golf | 185
With Dustin Johnson on a relentless run, Iain Carter assesses the challenge of former world number ones Jordan Spieth, Justin Rose and Brooks Koepka, who are all returning to form.
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rory who?
Some guy who won a few majors 7 years ago.

Also ditched his ex fiancee like a week before they were due to marry, with a 10 minute phone call.

You can tell alot about someone's character by the way they end a relationship.
The BBC has become a laughing stock. The most important sports news today is Hamilton's contract signing for Merc F1 yet the BBC have chosen not to open a have your say on the article. Instead they open one up for the golfing fans on a bit of a no-news event about Dustin Johnson.
Obviously the F1 fraternity can't be trusted not to write defamatory comments?
BBC...you're now a ridiculous joke.
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Norfolk and clue ... wrong sport fella, this one is golf. Proper game, where everyone has a chance rather than 90 per cent of the field having zero chance because of equipment differences.
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Listen there are not millions of professional golfers ?????? example - Sergi Bruguera was world no 3 in tennis in the 90s, no one really remembers him. Borey is the Sergi Bruguera of golf. = bottler!
Ireland not getting beyond the quarter finals in every rugby union World Cup when they are apparently a top rugby nation, thats bottling on a mega scale ???????? Removed
09/02/2021 18:25:56 1 2
Don't worry mate. I doubt anybody even notices that.
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The stats in majors puts him at No. 20 of all time. No. 20. Of the millions upon millions upon millions who've ever taken up the game.

And you think he's not one of the best. Brain dead.
I think you need a brain before it becomes dead but I like your style ???? Theirs always a couple of halfwits on most hys, Removed