Tesco tells chancellor to hit online rivals with sales tax
08/02/2021 | news | business | 669
Boss Ken Murphy has asked Chancellor Rishi Sunak for a "level playing field" when it comes to tax.
While a relevant HYS ranting opportunity, why nothing on that much loved (by who?) dysfunctional house of windsor family for the matriarch's wee bit of insider trading ! Removed
There are many layers of BS with the populist trash Government that lets racist dogs like Trump Farage Johnson thrive with divide to rule
Tesco wants an Amazon Tax not higher Business Tax
Tories want to tax poor + austerity in services to socialise losses of their mad spending
while bumping up spending on police military spies drones + don't want to take rich whites gits who sponsor brexit racism
The vibration of truth burns Brexitland with a Holy Fire
so only thing they can resort to is "Comment Removed" complaint control in Babylon
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Tax on stinky ICE vehicle fuel. It has not been put up for ages. Whack it up now.
Well, well, well.

The oil-hating goat chaser is back from under his bridge...
England should win their first test match in India tomorrow Removed
Quite clear that Drakeford and Gething have failed. Removed
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Did they work in Tesco or are you completely off topic ?
Isn't council tax tax rising by 3.5 % whatever we do? Removed