Substitute Messi scores as Barca edge Betis
07/02/2021 | sport | football | 65
Lionel Messi scores three minutes after coming off the bench as Barcelona come from behind to win at Real Betis in La Liga.
08/02/2021 06:48:34 7 20
Every weekend "Messi scores" is a big bold headline and every week loads of sheep come on here dribbling with excitement about how great Messi is - a player they've never seen play live nor will.

He's always done it in La Liga but never risked it playing elsewhere and never turned up for Argentina.

Off he'll go to MSL for a nice cosy retirement payday because cosy and easy is what he does.
The irony of calling people sheep and then coming out with "he's only ever done it in Spain and never turned up for Argentina"....
For what it's worth, I agree about the headlines, but I you don't think Messi is one of football's all time greats because he's only played in one league and hasn't won a trophy for his country then you're an idiot!