This stays with you a long time - Jones
06/02/2021 | sport | rugbyunion | 818
Head coach Eddie Jones says England's first home loss to Scotland since 1983 will haunt his side.
Gollum needs to go, arrogant clown! Removed
06/02/2021 21:11:27 0 3
Scarred by RWC 2019, England must have a more expansive plan B. Also, for players to be ready for RWC 2023, game, some of the old guard need to go: Lawes, Wilson, Billy Vunipola, Youngs, Ford and Farrell. New faces: Harry Randall, Marcus Smith, Joe Simmonds, Alex Dombrandt, Sam Simmonds, Jack Willis, Alfie Bearberry, Paolo Odogwu.
Courtney Lawes needs to go? You must be an idiot. He's one of the best tacklers in world rugby. Removed
07/02/2021 10:42:27 2 1
Your post says a lot more about you than them. I presume you don’t represent the celts, but if you do it really is time to disband the uk, establish tight borders and cut you adrift from our purse strings.
Just remember the Celts are native to these lands you are an invader. Removed
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Well you didn’t do much with it. Took us invading to sort this hole out. The peripheries are still pretty naff.
06/02/2021 20:00:06 84 5
As a Welsh fella looking on as a rugby fan, it seems to me that EJ keeps faith with players who cannot adjust. OF is overrated at 10 and is not a 12. Ford is a proper 10. Youngs is not a great Scrum Half and Randall should be blooded. EJ should experiment with this against the 6N practice team that is Italy.
07/02/2021 11:46:39 3 8
Disgraceful, fancy losing to the Scots. It could have only been worse by losing to the Welsh. However, I have it on good authority that we have to keep the Scots happy whilst they work on our oil rigs and in our factories until we boot them out the UK. Then we replace them by some of the Welsh from our coal mines and employ monkeys to replace the Welsh to improve productivity.
Your Britannia and ethos of ruling the world is diminishing. The popularity of YOUR queen and her german family is eroding. Removed