House price rises 'could be running out of steam’
05/02/2021 | news | business | 722
The Halifax says prices fell last month and are likely to come under pressure in the months ahead.
05/02/2021 15:05:50 287 44
House prices are massively manipulated to be kept artificially high. Without this any number of banks would immediately collapse from not having these debts on their asset sheets.

Real demand for housing cannot be accurately measured while banks aggressively lend money they don't have to anyone prepared to accept it.

Foreign money in housing is also a national problem.

gov don't want to fixit
nature of the beast sir , if a short overweight chinaman with goofy teeth offered 10 grand more than a english adonis with a celebrity wife within the same timeframe for your home , i wonder who you would sell it too L O L Removed
05/02/2021 17:02:55 6 2
Negative equity is far better than paying rent for nothing.