Elon Musk's Tesla buys $1.5bn of Bitcoin causing currency to spike
08/02/2021 | news | business | 1,681
The cryptocurrency surges 17% as Tesla also said it could start accepting Bitcoin as payment.
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Quite sure. Bitcoin mining alone is estimated to be about the same as Ireland or New Zealand. They both have around 4.9m people. So all the travel and all the eating and all the heating for 4.9m is your baseline.

There are 1.1m employed in financial sector in the UK. That's just a fifth. And remember that's total - not just their employment contribution!
Well done, Bob. I'm fed up to the back teeth of bypass-brain-&-shoot-from-the-hip-sceptics like Wizcat, for whom ignorance is no bar to spilling their views about.

It's done enormous damage to our chances of sorting out climate change in time, and I suspect that most of the pea-brains have children whose futures they are trashing with their ill-considered tripe.
More money than sense,
Hasn't anyone told him the world is a bit out of sync at the moment, can't stand the bloke really.
Especially after the nasty pice of work called a hero cave rescuer a paedophile
Make your own mind up about him
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More market manipulation by Musk talking up assets he is long in. SEC really should look into him harder rather than just ignore it as "it's Tesla". I thought they were screening his tweets? He'll ride the wave and take the profit.
08/02/2021 16:19:42 15 6
I bought £500 of Crypto 2 years ago. Now worth £2,500. Meanwhile the fools who ignore it are getting a fraction of a % interest on savings. The Grote was an invention, as was paper money, Crypto is just another development.
08/02/2021 16:26:25 10 26
LOL you never owned BTC! It's not an investment, it's a way of buying drugs and stuff on the web.

EXPECT A LOT OF RICH DEALERS and lots of hippies buying more weed than they could dream of!
Cocaine i would think Removed
08/02/2021 15:21:40 139 38
Bitcoin's carbon footprint is as high as that of an entire country (e.g. Jordan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand - see Christian Stoll's paper). If we want to be green, won't we have to do better?
08/02/2021 15:48:29 5 7
Perfect description of money laundering.
08/02/2021 16:39:12 1 2
Yep... you got it right, "No Brainer".. but not how you meant it.
08/02/2021 19:32:10 3 2
hope it all goes breasts up!!
have fun staying poor Removed
08/02/2021 19:31:53 5 0
Tesla parked some of its huge cash surplus into an asset class as a hedge to inflation.

Nothing to see here.
have fun staying poor!!!! Removed
08/02/2021 15:17:21 5 6
Something is only worth what others will pay for it. I'd pay nothing for a bitcoin for that reason - if it looks like a duck, waddles like a dick and quacks like a duck....
08/02/2021 19:50:45 8 7
The amount of ignorance and uninformed comments about Bitcoin here is remarkable. A lot of the people commenting clearly have zero knowledge of Bitcoin, how it works and why it was created. Nor do they have any understanding of the underlying technology.

It's also interesting that the central banks are sceptical. I wonder why that could be...lol
08/02/2021 15:39:10 21 41
Exactly. The only reason crypto exists is because people can make money off of suckers. Congratulations you have 1 bitcoin and the only thing you can do with it is sell it. Might as well make a currency out of pig poop.
08/02/2021 15:39:03 52 37
Of course it's a scam.
Where's the math that supports it?
08/02/2021 21:30:36 0 11
How ignorant you are Educate yourself & stop sneering Bitcoin is the future
Demanding other people educate themselves (IE you want them to gain the same delusion as you but you’re too thick to explain it) is very useful. It identifies you to others as an idiot, not worth engaging with Removed
08/02/2021 21:34:35 0 10
Yet another uneducated comment Do yourself a favour go on You Tube & learn Bitcoin is the single biggest opportunity I have ever come across
“Yew go an edjikait yoreself ” said the idiot Removed
08/02/2021 21:30:36 0 11
How ignorant you are Educate yourself & stop sneering Bitcoin is the future
“Yew go an eddjikate yoreself” said the moron Removed
08/02/2021 21:46:59 1 3
I suggest you go away and educate yourself on the following things:

1. The difference between the £ and the $ sign.
2. What a bitcoin public/private key actually looks like.
3. How to be more descriptive in your posts than just putting ..lol when you don't know what to write.

Then again, your post is a perfect example of the difference between people who understand bitcoin and those who don't.
“Yew go away an edjimakete yoreself” said the idiot, desperate to paint himself as an expert. (An ex-spurt)
Mate just go away and enjoy all the “millions” you have made on Bitcoin
Notice no HYS on BBC Lic fee increase just announced. Computer error, presumably. Removed
After reading through a bunch of posts, it's clear that most people should stay off BBC and other brain sapping platforms and go learn something. The world would really benefit if we all pulled our heads out from our backsides. Removed
09/02/2021 01:10:28 4 2
Basically, you think if people disagree with you they should shut up.... Your presumed superiority is breathtakingly arrogant... I think I know where your head is.......
08/02/2021 15:17:28 339 53
Expect a huge sale of Bitcoin from Tesla once all the lavish sheep buy in
08/02/2021 23:32:57 0 0
No thanks, I'll keep most of my cash and gold hidden around my property and not make myself bankrupt by being so gullible and naive to waste any of it on the imaginary currency of "Bitcoin" which doesn't even have a solitary material asset to give it any value, credibility or worth...

It's the Davy Jones Locker for the greedy, gullible and naive...