MPs challenge value for money of meal vouchers
05/02/2021 | news | education | 208
The spending watchdog says the school meal voucher contract could have cost taxpayers less than it did.
05/02/2021 05:38:25 17 22
Massive state run orphanages should be opened and children taken away from parents unable or unwilling to provide, that way the children would get a good education and grow up learning respect and gain a work ethic. It’s no secret that most of these kids come from poor estates and get involved with crime and sit on the social most of their lives. Also reduce the parents benefits in these cases.
What a nasty,Chinese communist view of how to treat the poor in society. Removed
05/02/2021 06:47:11 4 3
I am a capitalist not a communist and my comments clearly show this. That is a problem with society we have so many people that don’t understand the use of language.
05/02/2021 06:48:46 11 14
Here we go. Another BBC HYS selected to kick the government - & everyone getting it wrong.

It's the civil service that negotiate these deals, not the Minister.

By the time they've come up with a contractor, the Minister has been kicked & punched in public for being too slow so has to select what's on offer.

We've a sclerotic, dribbling civil service that's unfit for purpose & should be purged
This shambolic government deserve a good verbal kicking. From "Bent as a 9 Bob Note" Jenrick to Michael "Chucky" Gove and everything in between. Removed
05/02/2021 07:00:29 4 1
You've missed the point of the post you ideologically-stunted dimwit.
05/02/2021 07:05:18 33 1
"The Department for Education should have sought better value for money... MPs have warned"

Would those MPs like to tell us the value for money taxpayers got out of Dido Harding's £14bn test & trace app? Of the value for money of the broker fees for vaccines? Of the millions spent on Turkish PPE that couldn't be used? Where's the value for money in those?
05/02/2021 06:54:46 20 6
This is the most hypocritical, ironic thing I've read.

During the pandemic this government directly awarded billions of pounds in contracts to friends and relatives of the Tory party.

Now one contract not awarded to friends is accused of profiteering.

If what the Tory party had done with these contracts been done in somewhere like Africa then the world would be shouting corruption.
05/02/2021 06:52:29 20 4
Typical. Someone is making an absolute fortune off this, who’s betting the MPs know exactly who it is personally and perhaps even have a vested interest themselves?!