How will 'chipageddon' affect you?
05/02/2021 | news | technology | 217
Carmakers and consumer-gadget companies are struggling to source enough computer chips.
05/02/2021 13:01:52 3 2
What a misleading headline. I thought the idiots in charge and so called Jamie Oliver had banned delicious chips for a second. I wouldn’t put it past them.
Well, one positive of the ChinaVirus debacle, might be that we start to take back responsibility for our industries, no longer blinded the the awful human rights record of a dictatorship.
Perhaps, it's a new dawn for the world, now we know where not to plant our industries.
hmm i wonder if the communists will have to invade a democratic neighboring island to steal chips for their military program

communists have almost completed their submarine nuclear missile system capable of taking out nato cities

when will the free West do something about this - probably not until sleepy Joe is gone
06/02/2021 02:29:00 1 1
Jesus, you sound like "Captain Capitalist", I guess because you, your family and your friends are being extended the opportunity to benefit from a Capitalist framework. No conflict of interest there.

That's all very well and good for you, your friends and your family but there are around 7.8 BILLION other people on the planet, not all of whom derive benefit from a capitalist economic framework.