Compass apologises for school meal parcels that 'fell short’
04/02/2021 | news | business | 713
The owner of the firm that sparked January’s school meals outcry has apologised again
04/02/2021 11:15:49 4 7
It consisted of two carrots, two potatoes and a tin of baked beans...

=When I showed that pic of the package to my Chinese friends here in China, there were shocked and thought I was kidding and told me the package must be prepared for kids who feed animals in zoo
04/02/2021 10:49:23 278 9
Maybe it should be a requirement that meals served in Westminster, Holyrood, the Welsh and Northern Ireland assemblies should be of the same quality and standard as those served in schools, hospitals, care homes etc. Politicians surely would not object to that.
Then children will have girls to grope as BOGOF. Removed
04/02/2021 12:13:39 1 1
What are you on, this is a disgusting comment.
Shame the flag shaggers still vote this bunch of Tory crooks in. Joke! Removed
Just wait for the line "We have learnt from our mistakes and will now move on". Meaning we have taken the food/money from those who need it most and are laughing all the way to the bank. Parasites! Taking money from those who need help most. Removed
How about the parents apologise for bringing kids into the world they can’t afford. Easier to have a child than a dog. Removed
04/02/2021 13:03:55 0 1
Apologise to whom?
04/02/2021 13:11:16 3 1
Sometimes circumstances change; fewer hours on a zero hours contract. Redundancy, death etc. However, do not let these changes in circumstance interfere with your rant.
04/02/2021 13:11:37 3 1
I hope your parent have apologised for bringing you into the world. Have you no idea how the free school meals system works? Have you no idea that through no fault of the parents that their circumstances can change? Do you realise that many hard working people lost their jobs during this pandemic and are now relying on assistances such as these? Apprantly your knowledge is very limited!
04/02/2021 13:13:00 1 0
I sincerely hope you and those with a similar mindset do not have a bad card thrown at you in life - something life does to people unexpectedly sometimes.
04/02/2021 13:06:59 0 0
so answer me this because these people are not well off or for any other reason does that take away thier natuarl rights of wanting a child or are you a Robot
So what is wrong with the food parcel???? They expect champagne and caviar?? Its a free food for freeloaders .And they are complaining ....Just makes me sick...And please don't come with this crap about single mums with five kids etc...The root of the problem is everyone is allowed to have kids ....which is wrong!!!!!! Removed
04/02/2021 13:41:17 4 1
Perhaps you could give out chastity belts

Daft eejit
04/02/2021 13:52:17 1 1
I r8 ur b8 0/8 m8
04/02/2021 13:59:19 2 2
Yes, they also get free money via child benefit and doubtless free money via housing benefit and those on UC got a £1,000pa "covid-bonus" and yet they still can't feed their own children.
04/02/2021 14:39:50 1 0
Life can throw up some big surprises. Let's hope YOU never have to beg for food !
04/02/2021 14:44:47 1 0
Shame your parents did not use contraception.
04/02/2021 12:44:48 6 2
Children are free wild card entry to life long benefit. More you breed, more you get and bigger house you are entitled to. Dole at the door, meal on wheels and bonus at Christmas !! Who doesn't want?
as I said to another halfwit - don't be a **** all your life mate, take the day off Removed