Guardiola has 'no doubts' over Jesus
04/02/2021 | sport | football | 214
Pep Guardiola has "no doubts" about Gabriel Jesus' ability to lead Manchester City's attack - and the Brazilian might be proving his boss right.
04/02/2021 00:54:13 84 4
BBC tries to undermine young striker's confidence before crucial game, now there's a big surprise!
Plenty more to follow before Sunday I am sure.
Good point - but spreading the truth may get you banned Removed
04/02/2021 01:54:08 12 2
only doubt i have is why they pronounce his name the way they do
i thought gabriel jesus had covid 19 no way did he you dont recover that quick from this virus Removed
04/02/2021 07:04:43 3 0
What are you talking about? You can have the virus and have no symptoms! So of course you can recover quickly!
04/02/2021 06:30:30 1 17
22b comments on Citeh? Small club.
Liverpool or Man United fan no doubt different cheeks same arse Removed
The writer of this piece (of frap) is an idiot. Looks like a pathetic case of someone who knows nothing about football trying to undermine someone (Jesus) doing a good job very well. Only he knows what his motives are. I wonder if he's written similar pieces on other non-white players? Removed
Shame that the BBC employs idiots who are allowed to write rubbish like this article. It’s nothing more than propaganda. Removed