Climate change: Boris Johnson 'risks humiliation' over coal mine
04/02/2021 | news | science | 1,032
A leading scientist warns Boris Johnson digging for coal undermines the UK's climate change efforts.
Johnson ?? is using Covid ?? to bury ? stories of his incompetence.

As vaccinations ?? kick in, fewer headlines ?? will be about Covid ?? and the cracks in Johnson's ?? government will become uncovered in other areas. And they'll be mighty disturbing.
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You are a ?? for using emojies to draw attention to your banal comment....
The trouble with the Green lobby who are usually of the Far Left and want us to live in caves is that they have as much common sense as a gnat. Removed
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Nothing to do with left or right politics.
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Just because someone doesn't agree with your view does not make the Far Left. I consider myself right of center politically but still see the need for action on climate change.
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I’d rather listen to the “green lobby” than the multi million dollar funded fossil fuel lobby.

Seen any adverts by Shell, BP etc? They give the impression that they’re heavily investing in renewables yet in reality that’s a tiny token part of their spending and growth plans that remain dominated by fossil fuel extraction.
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And the right is quite happy to sleep walk into destroying the earth.
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Usual UK hating Lefties who don't want the odd coal mine but advocate us being in the EU which involves FoM which massively increases our carbon footprint
Own it Lefties
Irrelevant, generalistic slander - lazy like your leader Removed
Standard Far Left haters going on about evil Tories and people taking bungs but it was a Liebour council who allowed this mine.
Come on Lefty haters, where's your accusations against Labour councillors ?
Typical Far Left hypocrisy
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I suspect if it was announced that there was positive proof of a second coming
Dear old Yorky here, would find a reason to introduce the "nasty lefties" in there somewhere..
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Left eye open, right eye closed?
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Do you have any reason to suspect council corruption or have you been reading your "Donald Trump Playbook" again???
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'The trouble with the Green lobby who are usually of the Far Left and want us to live in caves is that they have as much common sense as a gnat.'

There are green methods of steel production that don't require coke, the right wing capitalists would just rather poison the planet rather than invest in new technology.
Do you see the report about a four year old finding Dinosaur footprints on a beach in Wales. It turned out to be the footprints of a Tory supporter. Blither, blither erectus. Removed
So the Tories are showing how dedicated they are to climate change by opening a bloody coal mine. What a disgusting bunch of parasites Removed
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Actually it's a Labour council who have allowed it but don't let facts get in the way of your hate
Oh millions I expect, but maybe you should take a look at the Paradise Papers and recent news stories about Socialist heroes squirreling away millions and with their snouts in the trough too?
Said the Spiv lackey whose Free Market Deregulating ERG Loons embraced Corbynomics and State Aid?

Filthy Rich Mandleson’s mates were Tories in all but name.
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Crooks hold no affiliations to any particular Political Party.
But we should never forget who it was that set up these offshore tax evasion havens..
And who when all is said and done are the principle benefactors.
For absolute confirmation of that, you only need to understand that Conservative Britain is considered the "Dirty Capitol HEADQUARTERS of the WORLD"
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Must irk you then to remember that you voted for them?
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Its quite ironic that the Evil Tories are promoting a coal mine given they previously closed so many down and left many local economies to rot for decades.

Then again Evil Tory voters do just love to be punished over and over.

Climate Change is coming.

Soon the weather will be full of terrors.
I wonder if I had a look around the house of a standard Far Left hypocrite how much imported food I would find.
How much imported Chinese clothes there would be. Where the furniture came from ?
Do Lefty hypocrites even consider that a typical container ship coming from China uses about 100 tons of Fuel oil a day.
Of course these hypocrites dont. They just tap away on their Chinese built phones
Jenrick didn't get involved as no one involved wanted to make a "donation" to the tory party. Removed
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Evidence or libel?
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"Ministers...but have stressed that industries such as steel production require coking coal."

Steel production in Britain? The Evil Tories promoting that? Surely the Evil Tories having been promoting importing cheap steel from China for decades?

Isn't it part of their "globalization" drivel?
Can I but hope that this is Roger Harrabin's "jump the shark" moment?
I do hope so, it's been a long time coming.
Oh, and just for the record Dear Moderator, my last comment was extremely on topic.
Or maybe you want to remove this one as well and demonstrate to me that the BBC is a propaganda organisation well versed in the art of political gas lighting.
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For goodness' sake change the tune, you are way off on another tangent just so you can have an illogical pop at the BBC.
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I thought it was clear that jobs in Cumbria are the nub of the argument
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No, but if I were you I'd stop doing it, because one day someone will knock on your door and fine you for it.
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No, but if I were you I'd stop doing it, because one day someone will knock on your door and fine you for it.
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chemistrry to at least A level would be an advantage before commenting on this,
Aside from the chemical process of steel manufacturingbin this thread....

I wonder if Mr Hansen finished his letter with the expression "Yippee Ki Yay Mother F@×£er" ....he is a bit Brucie...
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Well it looks like those people that thought Mrs T was wrong to close the mines now think that Boris is wrong to open one.
Yep too much politics masquerading as environmentalism by the eco-zealots like XR & Rewilder.

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Although some on here don't think they cause any damage and it's someone else to blame, everyone causes a certain amount of damage to the environment, even Rewilder has a wood burner.

Right I'm off :-)