UK and EU in 'constructive discussions' over NI trade row
04/02/2021 | news | politics | 216
Both sides have vowed to "work intensively" to solve post-Brexit trade problems in Northern Ireland.
I hope Krankie's gang take note of what trouble can arise for both parties when you partition an island. Removed
04/02/2021 12:52:51 2 1
And you have the cheek to call yourself a reasonable chap. Scottish independence if it arrives will be by ballot box. No such thing ever happened with the partition of Ireland.
04/02/2021 10:59:31 43 14
All of this has been brought into sharp focus by the EU's recent move to install a "vaccine" border between NI and the EU part of Ireland. I know that they have now rescinded this masterstroke but the fallout will last sometime. In Irish politics nothing is ever forgotten. Or forgiven.
04/02/2021 11:46:41 25 6
Nationalists never wanted Brexit and voted against it (the reason why NI voted against Brexit). A border anywhere on the island of Ireland was going to be a challenge to the GFA but it was the DUP that championed Brexit and they voted against the GFA.
Loyalists now thrashing about blaming everyone else for their idiocy isn't fooling anyone.
A question for all Remoaners out there.

Why are you still here? Nobody can believe you are still here claiming benefits.