Bebo chief reveals plan to take on Facebook and Twitter
03/02/2021 | news | technology | 149
Michael Birch sold Bebo for $850m in 2008, but now plans to revive it with a focus on profiles.
03/02/2021 12:32:38 8 13
I'll do you one better: In the absence of GDPR post-Brexit, we in the UK are in the Old West in terms of data protection. This is IMO intentional, it has Cummings written all over it. The data set being accumulated right now on UK citizens, which is unprecedented, is unprotected by any serious regulation.

It will be worth trillions to the government, and sold to the highest bidder.
I doubt the government has much on you that Google and Facefucker don't already have. People focus on FB, but when I deleted all my Google data, suddenly all my apps were clueless! All tagetted ads gone in an instance! Removed
Why is the BBC posting racist comment by Phillips " Black bosses 'shut out' by 'vanilla boys' club'"........disgusting. Removed