Buy now, pay later firms such as Klarna face stricter controls
02/02/2021 | news | business | 618
The financial regulator says it would be easy for customers to build up unseen debts of £1,000.
As the average person going out these days is an irresponsible cretin and takes no responsibility for themselves, companies like this Klarma are dangerous.

Social debt will rise higher and higher......and then the "p" word will be cast around
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So the average IQ (100) is "cretin" (IQ 40)?
Better financial education is needed. Public schools are failing Britain’s youngsters. Speaking first hand, it’s a system where teachers are rewarded on ‘length of service’ rather than performance. The talented young teachers jump ship and the less able teachers stay, as it’s a fairly stable job. There’s a stagnation in quality of teaching and a curriculum that’s woefully outdated. Removed
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Better mannersa are needed. It's more polite not to slander and abuse people that you know exactly nothing about. Meanwhile, on topic...
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Gonna get slated for this one...

The bigger problem is that society is rudderless. There is no 'end goal' for the civilisation, & by proxy, the economy.

Religion has been used to justify terrible human actions. Along with the advent of amazing science, materialists mandated the scrapping of any notion that a human being is worth more than just a bag of chemicals and water.
Early in the days of the Communist rule in China they rounded up all Taoist masters and had them imprisoned, placed under house arrest or worse.

A tradition of several thousand years investigating the Cosmos and Man's place in it was suppressed and almost erased. The benefit? Stop free thinking and personal development in the bigger picture when you can keep them uninformed = easier to control.
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A roof and food on the table-that is all we need!!
I don't need to see your swinging tackle, thanks Removed
Thanks Captain Tom - At least you didn't have BNPL to worry about when you spent your early twenties on your Burma trip! Removed
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HYS being removed because the Brexiters were getting a thrashing. ??
Will Holyrood fly flags at half mast out of respect for Captain Sir Tom.Or will bitterness prevail.? Removed