'Reed's reputation precedes him'
01/02/2021 | sport | golf | 597
Patrick Reed and Rory McIlroy followed similar protocols when dealing with an embedded ball last week but the American is under more scrutiny because reputations matter, writes Iain Carter.
01/02/2021 13:19:45 11 16
I REALLY DON'T TRUST REED AT ALL. Golf is a game requiring integrity, and the evidence is that he doesn't have any of that. He repeatedly gets caught doing things you're not meant to - and getting away with it. GOLF WOULD BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT HIM!!!
You Idiot Grow Up Removed
The man's a cheat.

You don't lose that stain. He will always be dirty.
01/02/2021 14:31:45 64 14
Reed has made his own reputation, from collage days through to his pro career. If you have seen the incident where he improved his lie in the bunker (not just once) then it is easy to conclude he is not above indiscretions.
Such a shame because as a golfer his skill levels are excellent, but his credibility is, at present, shot to pieces.
Maybe he should play with Mr Ex-President? Two peas etc
Do you mean Clinton? He is notoriously slippery. Perhaps Bush, whose lies cost a million lives? Obama, whose lies destroyed the health insurance of tens of millions? Removed
01/02/2021 18:33:00 3 7
Ah. Yes. Because everything found via Google is true and not just heresay isn't it?
still a cheat though Removed
01/02/2021 18:50:52 4 7
Reed did no wrong, end of.
PGA makes the rules not the players, so good luck Patrick and glad you support the European tour.
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01/02/2021 19:35:15 3 2
Why this Obsession with McIlroy in every golf story ? There are Many great players out there !
No idea. He can not putt , can't handle pressure, isn't any fun, has no charisma whatsoever and yet here we are reading his name, every day.

So many great champions recently to congratulate, but no, they are not Irish.