England absentees give Scotland hope
05/02/2021 | sport | rugbyunion | 812
Why Scotland might 'fancy themselves' against England at Twickenham: Team news, match preview and statistics for Saturday's Six Nations match.
I fancy Rachel Hunter. Don’t think it’s going to happen though! Removed
I don't see many problems for England, I dare say that the English women's team would give Scotland a run for their money. Removed
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Really!, so the men have beat them once in 4 years, so what does that tell you?.
only way to resolve our differencies is the taunt that British troops perfomed worst in ww2, which is laughable, the Scots & English knew that too.

the honour of the army retreat to hold up the Germans in dunkirk retreat fell on the mainly English 2nd div

the English fought so well, especially against the Waffen SS, they were shot after they were overrun

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I would love to see Scotland edge a classic. Head says England will maybe grab a close win. Heart says I would love to see Scotland joyful at the end. Head and heart say the return of the Six Nations is just brilliant!
I wouldn't. Come on England. Do it for all our children and women and men and for the Northumbria where the Scots raped and pillaged our people. Removed
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It seems a bit like David & Goliath! C'mon Scotland!
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Andrew Brace refereeing will add a bit of uncertainty to how the match will play out. Ireland's not so secret weapon!
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Ah but it's Eng so it is not to be lauded. Imagine the headlines if "brave" Scotland or "tenacious" Ireland or "gritty" Wales had done it.
06/02/2021 09:43:54 2 3
In Finn Russell Scotland have a man who haunts every Englishman’s dreams like William Wallace and Angus MacAskill before him. Time and time again England have been badly exposed by flair players like Russell which is why I predict a 50+ Win for the Bravehearts.
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Timid, middle aged, white male office workers, blood pressures going thru the roof, over what may/may not happen in a ball game, escapism for their own mediocre lot. A match which has nothing to do with them quite frankly, played by old public school boy millionaires, working up an appetite for their dinner and copious amounts of beer before and after.
Could it get ANY more ridiculous?
It’s ok to be White. ????To the indigenous people of these lands this match symbolises more than sport. Removed
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See what I mean?
Each to their own.
Enjoy the game!
Sammy - over and out.
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Not you again? You're on tomorrow, mate.
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I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
Straining upon the start. The game's afoot:
Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
Cry 'God for Harry, England, and Saint George!'
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Ordinarily (in non-pandemic times) England home games at Twickenham, may be watched LIVE by the people of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and numerous other countries around the world, for free on terrestrial TV. It is only the people of England, who are excluded, and can not watch England play LIVE. They must pay SKY for the privilege. Then watch a second rate highlights show, hours later.
It is on live on ITV...please check your facts...idiot! Removed
By the way Monye - an average player who was only selected for the sake of tokenism, an even worse pundit for the same reason. Removed
06/02/2021 12:16:05 4 2
Can you qualify your vast knowledgeable rugby opinion by explaining why he's an average rugby pundit?.......or maybe there's a more insidious reason why you spouted your sweeping comments
06/02/2021 12:37:46 1 1
I seem to remember him scoring an awful lot of tries in the premiership, maybe because he was a bit more than average, hence the caps.
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What is the "Lol" it's like communicating with my 4 yr old niece.
I spout out game stats to qualify a particular game or if you get some troll spouting bile like a particular player/s had an opposing player in their pocket
For example last years stats on the 7-13 Eng victory proved many views that certain trolls refused to admit, now that's relevant because a lot of those players are still playing
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OTS, blind optimism or ‘typical Scottish arrogance’? Just curious, that’s all......
@PiggytheDick, fair point pal :-) Removed
Wonder if 'Shoulder Boy' can get through a game without trying to break an opponents neck or start a fight. Hopefully the ref will be watching. Removed
06/02/2021 14:49:08 1 2
Liam Williams not playing today.
Ooooh it appears that the BBC don't like anyone saying anything about hatchet man Farrell.. Truth hurts. In 2 hrs time will tell. Removed
06/02/2021 15:01:53 2 4
What did you say? Probably something ridiculous about Farrell being a thug from this post, about as accurate as Italys attack!
BBC defending Farrell the thug. Nothing new there then. Removed
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Bet if he was in your team it would be a different story wouldn’t it.
06/02/2021 15:25:55 1 1
What! Not predicting a big Scotland win then? And the fact that you continually only post on an England HYS rathwr than your own country's shows something other than a neuroses!
BBC deleting comments about Farrell being a nasty player. Check his YouTube specials BBC. Removed
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Italy look good & will hammer Scotland...no doubt there will be a litigation letter to Italy as well.
hehehe, you're an absolute buttnugget. At least you@re giving us all something to laugh at in these dire times, cheers :-) Removed
06/02/2021 15:28:32 4 5
And yet so many refs (including Nigel Owens), TMOs, citing commissioners and international coaches wouldnt agree with you. Wonder whose opinion we should take?!
well, I'll take my own opinion thanks, based on the matches and video replays I've watched of him being a dirty, petulant, little oik. And before you say I don't like him because he's English, I think his dad was a great player, especially in League (which I also follow). Just because the refs don't see it doesn't mean he's not a cheating little tawt. Would I have him in my team? NOT A CHANCE!!! Removed
06/02/2021 15:57:20 1 3
Latest news - every Scotland player has just kacked their pants and are refusing to come out to play at twickers, England given the walkover... SRU has sent a litigation letter already by DHL.
We all know the English like to tackle from behind. Hoping for a reacharound. Removed
aye, tackle from behind and through the back door, BOD loves a bit of the dark brown stuff :-) Removed
We all know the English like to tackle from behind. Hoping for a reacharound. Removed
aye, tackle from behind and through the back door, BOD loves a bit of the dark brown stuff :-) Removed
heheheh, I keep having my comments to BOD deleted, looks like someone at the beeb is smashing his back doors in eh? Removed
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More like he/SHE is reporting your comments
I got home just now, in time to watch the rugby international. But they were doing this misguided "taking the knee" nonsense. I turned the set off. I can't be bothered to watch it, since they're politicising it.

They did the same with football so I stopped watching that too.

It's disgraceful to say you don't want racism, then include a racist gesture. It is absurd.
One word. Sausages. Love it vile country Removed
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Yet you probably live here!
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Really not helpful Sloth.
hehehe BODLovescock Removed
England ladies team look beefy and butch...worth a go ? That was just a side of bad haircuts nothing else . Removed
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Play like that against France and England will be killed. 4th place for you, Eddie.
Don't be a pillock! Removed
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How does it feel to lose? Against Scotland no less. Oh yeah - it doesn't matter because of November 22, 2003. Jeeze.