GameStop: Global watchdogs sound alarm as shares frenzy grows
29/01/2021 | news | business | 1,130
Financial regulators in the US and UK say they are monitoring share trading and potential market abuse.
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Trading Places....
29/01/2021 14:37:59 320 4
"the Financial Conduct Authority fired a warning shot at potential lawbreakers."

I presume this would not involve cheating spivs in the City?....
29/01/2021 15:51:00 2 1
Anyone want to invest in my idea for a video tape & DVD rental business??
Cash only, bricks and mortar sites on the bustling UK high streets

Probably call it Blockbuster or something similar...
Even the self-proclaimed "retards" at WSB understand the basics. There are more short contracts than shares. Go back to school. Removed
29/01/2021 16:00:43 1 0
Irony not your strong point, Fkwitt
BUY and HOLD HOLD HOLD my autistic friends. Removed
Hopefully this episode wakes people up to the fact that the real enemy is the rich parasite class and not one another. Removed
29/01/2021 21:06:10 1 3
When anyone mentions "hedge funds" on HYS it typically identifies themselves as someone who has no idea what said fund is and how it works. And all the other HYS' with no clue also mutter "hedge funds" and agree...just like this mystery hedge funds Boris and his chums had to cash in on a no deal....
29/01/2021 20:53:20 1 0
"Just hope that those who bought the shares hold the line in maintaining a high ask price."

Not possible.

Its great that they have taught Melvin a hard lesson, but GME is now massively over-priced IMO.

I would not buy it anyway.

Not everyone is in it for the glory .. some just want to make money. When they sell and move on to the next opp .. the price will fall.

"I would not buy it anyway."

Neither would I, ...but that's beside the point. Point is, it's nice to see these waste of space parasites getting roasted for a change,.. ..perhaps instead of investing money in trying to short shares, which contributes absolutely nothing to society, they might invest in a manner, i.e. startups, R&D, etc, that actually generates real value.
Why do hedge fund owners all wear small hats? Removed
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you’re welcome to do the hours i did this week from before the European open through to the early hours each day. You wouldn’t last 2 weeks.
Wow sat on your arse behind a desk such hard graft! Poof! Removed
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Even if the hedge fund loses it will be somebody else's money.
Just a smaller bonus for the managers.
Yes, money of rich people which invest in hedge funds - F these parasites Removed
Flash traders and many other select groups have access to certain information which the man-in-the-street will never see. This is state-sanctioned insider trading. The reason why US traders come to London is because the UK authoritities can not, and will not, intervene. Electronic tapping in the UK is illegal. Any evidence can not be used in a court. Voila. They call it " you money!" Removed
30/01/2021 11:53:10 4 6
People: I hate hedge funds, they are just making money from failing companies
40 years on
People: Where did all the money in my pension pot go?