Contactless limit could rise to £100
27/01/2021 | news | business | 522
The financial regulator will consult "shortly" on a rise from the current limit of £45.
Don't worry, once the chip from the AstraZeneca jab is up and running you won't even need to use your card, just wave your arm at the sensor on your way out the store :) Removed
27/01/2021 15:20:03 2 2
I hope this is a joke. Otherwise you're pushing an extremely dangerous conspiracy theory :)
27/01/2021 15:20:11 1 0
That's a great idea, wonder if there's anything on the Internet about this ??
27/01/2021 15:24:06 17 7
Where is the gain to "big business"? I spend or do not spend, £10 or £100 or £1000.

Where is the detriment to the British public? How does it matter anyone else how I choose to pay for my purchases? I might choose contactless, for example, so I don;t have to touch the same PIN pad that everyone else has touched. Because infectious disease, perhaps?
You do realise that just about everything you touch has been touched or handled by 3-4 other people. Eg in a supermarket, items on the shelves are handled by the Original Packer at the distribution warehouse, the people in the stock room, the shelf filler, and potentially other customers.

Using a finger tip to touch a keypad, or screen is not going to give you a disease.
27/01/2021 16:12:15 1 0
Not everyone touches the pet food, men hardly buy sanitary products and not everyone touches the vegan do they?
27/01/2021 14:55:38 64 7
can i set my own limit pleas
e Removed
27/01/2021 16:28:13 3 2
What always amuses me about those who fear a cashless society is that what they claim governments will then be able to do, they can do already. The UK government has the power to freeze and confiscate the bank accounts of those associated with crime, and some countries (eg Japan) have played with negative interest rates. Give us a novel potential problem with the cashless society.