Victims typically lose £45,000 each owing to investment scams
27/01/2021 | news | business | 288
Lockdown led to a surge in reports of fraudsters imitating genuine investment firms, regulator says.
I would like to see some real effort to bring the scum who conduct these scams to justice. Removed
This reads as though “taking down a website” is all they do.

Is that it?

Surely these are serious crimes and any phone number/website was setup by someone. Telecoms companies should be forced to handover these details to police and prosecute to the maximum degree.

I’m sure I’m not alone getting dozens of emails/calls from these scum, all of whom should be behind bars.
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How do you suggest this happens, across borders? Many of the scammers are overseas.
27/01/2021 10:58:53 49 28
"Victims lost an average of £45,242 "

If 300,000 people lose £45,242 to fraudsters, that's still less than was lost on the £14bn T&T app govt awarded to Harding.

You know the difference between fraudsters and politicians? Fraudsters aren't elected.
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Happens every day and has done of centuries,

BECAUSE PEOPLE DO NOT THINK and are always looking for a quick buck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not necessarily. Some victims are simply elderly and too trusting, e.g., used to their husband dealing with the financial side. When events mean that she had to suddenly start to do it, she became the ideal target for the scum who do this. Removed
Those found guilty should loose all their assets and be locked up for a minimum of 25 years. Real scum bags Removed
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A bit draconian, perhaps ??
But, yes, scumbags. Doesn't help that so many are overseas & can't be got to.
Public execution to all scammers Removed