Blackrock chief: ‘How Covid could help save the planet’
26/01/2021 | news | business | 228
Larry Fink, boss of the world's biggest money manager, says the pandemic could help in fighting a bigger crisis.
26/01/2021 14:28:32 8 4
Unless we all make major changes to how we treat our planet there may come a time, much sooner than we would like, when the survivors begin to envy the dead
Isn’t it ironic that both the virus and climate change come from China? They need to be held to task on the terrible impact they are having on the world. If they don’t listen then we should bomb them. Removed
26/01/2021 16:46:33 23 4
He's got a point, population needs reducing, not by 100,000 or so, but a few million, in the uk alone
Let’s hope you contribute to it Removed
26/01/2021 17:25:57 6 4
The only impact Brexit will have is the origin of migration. Fewer Romanian nurses but more Filipino ones. The Bulgarians will be here in the summer picking Fruit and Veg. Chinese in the fishing industry. More Indians in IT less from the Baltic countries. Maybe North Africans in the care sector other than eastern Europeans. UK needs to import workers as not enough people here to do the jobs.