Climate: Government postpones Environment Bill again
26/01/2021 | news | politics | 493
The Environment Bill has been postponed again because of a lack of time for scrutiny, the government says.
26/01/2021 14:23:59 53 10
Given that COVID is a symptom of the systematic destruction of natural habitat for wildlife there should be time spared for this. Science says there will be many more pandemics if we continue to wreck the planet and natural habitat for wildlife.
Or could it be better if scientists stop messing around with natural virus's & then letting them escape into the general population? Removed
26/01/2021 14:52:20 14 2
Have you got lots of evidence of this happening, actual evidence not hearsay or made-up nonsense?
26/01/2021 15:25:13 7 1
Many other escaped virus's have moved from animals to humans on various continents. Due to too many people impacting on habitats and eating bushmeat, or too dense farming of livestock, or both.
27/01/2021 09:28:19 0 0
Welcome back the misery of smallpox and polio.

Part of your wish came true yesterday with 100,000 miserable deaths
26/01/2021 14:59:15 44 4
It does smack of insincerity, doesn't it?

But I have no doubt it does need scrutiny.
The Coronavirus Act 2020 also needed scrutiny.

One thing which would have been apparent very, very quickly is that Government already had the powers it needed under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 - all except the power to shed its accountability and for its actions to be open to challenge.

Tory Government, incompetent, anti-environmental, corrupt and tyrannical.
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The biggest polluters on the planet are now also reaping the benefits of their pandemic. Removed
27/01/2021 10:38:01 0 0
disgusting comment, no benefit at all the pandemic has affected us all
27/01/2021 10:37:17 0 3
I tell you what. If HS2 was coming through our vicinity, WE WOULD HAVE STOPPED IT.
Those in the path of HS2 could have stopped it, they didnt fight hard enough, too many vested interests. WEAK.
HS2 is a waste of money, so is having to police the idiot protestors, chop the trees down they are in, lock them up Removed