Leicester overcome Brentford scare
24/01/2021 | sport | football | 186
Premier League high-flyers Leicester City come from behind to avoid an FA Cup upset at Championship promotion hopefuls Brentford.
Fat Frank Lampard will sell burgers and hot dogs at Brentford after he is sacked by Chelsea Removed
24/01/2021 16:53:51 3 33
Waiting for the constant diving of Leicester, and wasn't dissapointed. All teams have a player who dives - but teams like Leicester, Man Citeh, Spurs, Wolves, Southampton dive on mass, and cannot progress without getting those free kicks, penaltys without diving. Tielemans blatently dived for penalty. And you have Glenn Hoddle towing the 'party' line saying 'yeh he just clipped his ankle'. Nooooo.
watch the game again idiot oh what about jack diver grealish always spends most his time on the floor i am surprised he knows what the rest of your team look like because his face is always facing the turf . know goodbye Removed
Why do the BBC report every last detail of Connor Magregor ? Its not a proper sport and he's no longer any good at it. Removed
It must be so easy to defeat a championship side when the coach is like the Father of Machine tool technology (Henry Maudslay -and just like Rodgers his surname is Anglo-Saxon too;) who wins so effortlessly, even when Bramah requests you to be his no2 for his locks and hydraulic press.

gosh, English greats never cease to surprise me. we are so wonderful baby xx;)
25/01/2021 08:40:53 2 0
Your post seems very anti English could be construed as racist, wonder why you would place a post like you have, seems you lack a bit of self worth