Mathews hits ton on hard-fought first day
22/01/2021 | sport | cricket | 478
Angelo Mathews grinds out a century for Sri Lanka as England's bowlers toil on a hard-fought first day of the second Test in Galle.
22/01/2021 12:12:14 5 14
normal service resumed i see...wiff waff bowling when it's not English conditions.
22/01/2021 12:33:37 3 2
Bingo..Steve D ..''India are not very good''...yet the reserves won in Australia??..likes talk about Cricket Steve ;)
The BBC Sport website has a piece on Conor McGregor wanting his life to read like a movie. Is it me or does it look like Jim Bowen is playing the lead role?.......and Bully's special prize!!!!!!!! Removed
22/01/2021 13:47:22 9 3
As an aside from this excellent game, I see Alex Hales has just smashed a ton in the BBL. I am intrigued to know precisely why he has been cast into the wilderness for so long. Stokes, Smith, Warner and others have all transgressed (arguably more seriously too) but been welcomed back into international cricket. It's difficult to argue that Hales doesn't merit selection for at least T20i.
22/01/2021 14:34:11 9 5
Root just doesn't learn. He did this with Archer, bowled Curren in short bursts with the new ball then gave Archer the old ball and asked for 20 over donkey spell, then acted surprised when Archer got injured. He'd get dropped as captain from any school side, absolutely idiotic.
Root hasn't lost in 9 games, Dave, but he's an idiot according to you.

22/01/2021 14:44:21 5 10
docile pitch Murali,Warne, Ashwin,Vettori and others would use imagination and good captaincy to put pressure on! Not the English spinners without doubt the worst in the world! Just because its a flat wicket with no swing the English just plod on! Captaincy awful doesn't know how to cause pressure with close fielders or picking a decent spinner!!!!
Muralidaran was a chucker... Removed
Fantastic Unmissable Cricket Kliq England ! Removed
22/01/2021 18:01:37 0 0
Bit of a crowbar job there, Metalhead.
22/01/2021 14:59:53 6 4
I really hope Wood is fit for the next series in Australia, the Aussies deserve some ‘chin music’
Come on SL you can do it hammer the Poms they deserve it. Hopefully an England collapse tomorrow Removed
Meanwhile in Melbourne - Jason Roy has just slogged a delivery up in the air!! Surprise surprise!! Removed
23/01/2021 09:17:53 1 0
Roy had a great opportunity to match Hales with a century too - and against some of Australia's white ball bowlers (Coulter Nile, Zampa, Stoinis). Even though he got a 50 - Roy hasn't done himself any favours!
23/01/2021 09:30:28 0 0
Apart JA that was tedious stuff

Mediocre batting and mediocre bowling

Love or loath them, at least the Aussies crack along at 4 an over and make a game of it.

Doubt very much if this Sri Lanka team can take anything like 20 wickets in the time they have.

Result - boring draw, bar an engerland catastrophe wi the bat.