Covid: Early years staff safety 'cause for concern'
22/01/2021 | news | education | 244
Nurseries, pre-schools and childminders call for rapid testing and priority access to vaccines.
Once you start paying people for not working they won't want to come back to work and will be giving you a litany of excuses. Hence western societies and their benefit culture have a very short shelf life as it leads to a complete demoralisation of society. Rather than encouraging people to work by rewarding them with lower taxes /other perks the West is excercising bribing people with "freebies" Removed
22/01/2021 02:18:03 21 2
Weird comment considering these people have probably been at work for a large part of this pandemic?

Maybe pick a fight with the people who've been getting paid up to £2500 a month for doing nothing for 6+ months while whining about it, rather than these people?
22/01/2021 02:56:53 3 0
Not sure what this has got to do with the article.

But can I just say, as someone who works in a restaurant and is currently on the furlough scheme. This lockdown absolutely sucks. Yes I am being given money (to pay my rent and ensure I don't starve). But if I had the option of making this virus go away right now and life returning back to normal tomorrow. Then I would take it in a heartbeat.
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If it's better in another country then off you go! Bye-bye!
Always thought it a bit wierd that in this world, seemingly anyone who wants to be a parent can be a parent often many times over if they so choose, no questions asked. Yet when it comes down to looking after them it suddenly becomes the fault of the Govt and everybody else creating problems. Removed
22/01/2021 06:04:29 5 4
This is about protecting NURSERY STAFF.

Are you saying you are happy for them to catch Covid and die, or did you just want to rant about parents ?

By the way, your parents bred you. Did that not occur to you ????
Teachers will look for any old excuse to not have to go to work. Removed
23/01/2021 15:30:23 7 1
False news they are at work. Did you have a hard time at school?
23/01/2021 18:37:30 2 3

I have a question - what is your problems with social interaction? Why do you wish to punish little children?
Absolute rubbish. Like the vaccine its all propaganda. If this was really a pandemic you would know. Removed