Who has been your team's star so far?
25/01/2021 | sport | football | 318
With lots of Premier League teams at the halfway point in their season, which players have impressed fans the most so far?
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When you see how many average players have scored higher than Tierney and Saka it just proves how fickle and unknowledgeable Arsenal fans really are....and I'm an Arsenal season ticket holder.
All it shows, is that you're far from the sharpest tool in the box.

All the big teams players have very low ratings. Engage your brain for a second champ and try to think why that might be. Or do you actually seriously think the average visitor to HYS genuinely thinks Bruno Fernandez has had a poorer season than Pablo Hernandez or Daniel Podence?
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I'm adding my own spam thoughts, spam, spam, reconstituted meat.
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"Everton were European Team of the Year in 1985"

Yes you are right and then something else happened that year, which spoilt it for every team in England for a few years Removed