Six Nations contenders and key players
01/02/2021 | sport | rugbyunion | 555
Who will win the 2021 Six Nations? Will fans return? Who are the ones to watch? BBC Sport fills you in with its Six Nations guide.
02/02/2021 09:15:39 4 13
My prediction
1 France - Easily best in Nth Hemisphere
2 Scotland - Underated as always
3 Ireland - Good team but lack consistency
4 Wales - On the slide
5 Ingerlund - Boring, Overrated, Overconfident.
6 Italy- Why do they bother !
02/02/2021 09:05:04 6 2
Funny enough I havnt noticed that, certainly not amongst the proper rugby fans, maybe the trolls and wums! In fact it seems to have brought the trolls and wums from other nations out in force, present company included!!
Fair weather fans ( I won't give names, but everyone knows whom I'm referring to) have polluted these pages recently with their inane, repetitive, inaccurate drivel; if England's form and results take a down turn they would disappear like convent girls menaced by a tramp! Removed
02/02/2021 10:30:45 1 1
??- Hahawales and his other usernames shouldn’t be taken as a serious representation of the English on here.

I’m not great at recalling usernames but haven’t seen any of the Welsh trolls in months - 3SlamWales, Fellared. There were scores of them when England lost the WC final.
02/02/2021 15:40:24 6 4
The Welsh will beat England easily hatrick of tries for George North and Callum Sheedy to come on in last 20 minutes and run the game as England crumble under Welsh dominance
Have you not realised by now your silly comments are not wanted.
If you cannot talk about rugby sensibly go away
02/02/2021 16:53:19 2 4
TARW why don’t you make serious rugby comments on this forum rather than try stir up hatred
02/02/2021 16:07:59 1 5
Will there be socially distanced singing in the valleys after yet another Welsh grand slam
I think your suffering from too much distancing between brain cells Removed
He's ok in that respect as he only has 4. Removed
I think your suffering from too much distancing between brain cells Removed
He's ok in that respect as he only has 4. Removed
02/02/2021 18:02:08 4 0
And they’ve never met each other
02/02/2021 06:42:27 32 16
As an Englishman, I just hope England don't bore us all on the way to the title.
02/02/2021 10:12:13 8 7
I watched the autumn series thingy on Amazon and the "let's speak about England" angle at every corner was pure comedy.
So not just the beeb.

Then again, they got a point. Nobody cares about winning the 6N tournament, winning the world cup, beating South Africa or New Zealand. The highlight of any non England player career is beating England. End of.
Pointless without fans . Non event. Much better the germ spreading nigels in attendance who we can mock as that’s what this is really about. The slimey Englanders , keep your fish Removed
02/02/2021 21:14:05 1 2
Oh well. Atleast you won’t get Covid. I heard it’s only the English that have it.
02/02/2021 17:07:07 6 1
By the way, BBC1 tonight at 20:30 it's Eddie Butlers 6N program.
I know a lot don't like him but I find him OK. I don't mind him and Jiffy on the commentary either but again a lot don't!

I have to say best nowadays are the Ch 5/Amazon Prime crew of Flatman, Paul Grayson etc. Knowledgeable and unbiased.
Prick Removed
02/02/2021 16:28:31 1 2
Let's face it, it's France/England first and second and Italy at the bottom with the Celts scrapping it out in the middle of the table. Could be one or two upsets though. Just hope we get to see some great running rugby....anyone who saw Bristol play Bath last weekend saw what can be done when you don't kick away possession and back your skills.
Prick Removed
02/02/2021 19:40:55 0 0
Ask the Welsh Rugby Union - I think it’s to promote tourism
Prick Removed
02/02/2021 22:01:55 0 1
Just cliched, learned by rote media training platitudes from Curry.