Marmite maker Unilever to insist suppliers pay 'living wage'
21/01/2021 | news | business | 502
Unilever says that by 2030 suppliers must pay staff enough to cover a family's basic needs.
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There are own-brand yeast extracts that are good alternatives. In the meantime choose a supermarket that pays its staff and suppliers’ staff top $ and buy from there. Doesn’t have to be only spreads. Consumer buying power has immense potential.

Buy British

Really BBC!? Nothing but gutter journalism / muck spreading.

£200 for a coat and choosing to order it from abroad. No sympathy.

Stop dredging up mud.
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Looks like news to me. Certainly isn't gutter journalism. This is Brexit reality and is newsworthy in my view.
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This HYS is like marmite - I hate it, some love it - but what's wrong with this new type HYS? I do not see ratings only 0 and 0 and can never see the same comment twice as impossible to find!
If I rate someone either up or down, i still see 0 and 0?????
Help someone!
I think their IT department is staffed by untrained chimps! Removed
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When you pay Lineker and others huge sums for doing little, there's probably not a lot left from the licence fee for I.T. staff
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Lol I think one is committed to one brand taste from birth, what was on your toast soldiers. So no never even consider any other fake variety.
Your mum should have slapped you more as a kid ?? you are definitely a spoiled 5 year old ?? Removed