Leicester battle to point at Everton
27/01/2021 | sport | football | 374
Leicester prove their appetite for a Champions League challenge after coming from behind to earn a battling point at Everton.
27/01/2021 22:33:52 3 14
55 comments shows how irrelevant everton are to the premier league - look how many United have got.
27/01/2021 22:49:13 4 29
Everton sat in to defend a lead and invited far too much pressure.

In my opinion Spurs, United, Liverpool and City are all much better than Leicester.

If you carry on playing like that you’ll draw the rest of your games 1-1 and finish mid table.

Our striker also has the same number of goals as Vardy having played a game less.....
Might want to check that coz vardy was missing for 2 weeks earlier this season and missed 3 games so with missing today's as well that would be atleast the same amount of games so shut ya hole and go Rob ya nan Removed
27/01/2021 23:02:11 3 2
Got one season left at best mate, any replacements lined up cos he's tired from carrying your lot for the last few years ??
27/01/2021 23:08:28 2 2
Hi Rimmers. DCL was out for a few weeks as well. Are you feeling ok this evening? Perhaps you should consider a strongly worded email to the BBC sport website c/o football stats department?
27/01/2021 22:51:08 0 6
A game between Everton and Leicester cannot draw 200 comments? Where are their fans? Most comments here are either from Liverpool fans or us neutrals.
27/01/2021 23:37:25 4 6
1995 and counting, you can't win anything with a poor goalkeeper and Everton have a genuinely poor keeper. Southgate has to recognise that Pope is far superior to this error Specialist.
Anyway the league win in October parade might still go ahead for Everton. Always in our shadow...
28/01/2021 12:17:08 0 8
Everton are quite poor, I really cant see them going forward under the present Manager. Leicester have masses of possession in most games now, so I suspect this was 2 points lost.
28/01/2021 15:51:56 4 0
Hardly a great goal mate, a basic error by Pickford allowed it to squirm away from him.
One thing proven, Pickford is no longer no. 1 for Club and Country and I fully expect him to be dropped for the Saturday game at for to Newcastle
Atleast Pickford didn’t cripple anyone, so I suppose that’s a bonus. Removed