Coal mine go-ahead 'undermines climate summit'
19/01/2021 | news | politics | 1,184
The UK's push to secure a deal over fossil fuels is being undercut by a decision to allow a new coal mine, MPs warn.
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The coal is for coking & is a vital part of steel production for which there is NO viable alternative currently available. This will reduce emissions by shipping coal from abroad.
Those politicians criticising the decision are either doing so to score political points &/or through a failure to check facts or sheer ignorance.
The same applies to all the other detractors, including Thunberg.
Thunberg is a puppet. Her backers should focus her energies on things like brown coal-fired power stations, which make up 9 out of 10 of the most polluting businesses in Europe - 7 in Germany and 3 in Canada.

Or the massive coal-fired power station building plans in Asia and Africa.
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go on then. tell is who are "her backers"...?
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"10 of the most polluting businesses in Europe - 7 in Germany and 3 in Canada."

Canada is in Europe????
19/01/2021 17:19:50 2 5
Young lady Thunberg seems an awful lot cleverer than you .... perhaps you should rename as Mr Black Polluted Sky?
Oh, Jenrick's involved ... brown paper envelopes ... 'donations' to the tory party ... say no more! Removed
Lake district prone to floods now.
You reap what you sow.
They don't like tourists ,but like their money.
Never hear anyone say the people in the Lakes are great,just the scenery.
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The arguments here are the need for the mine for steel production . If this is the only way to produce steel , then all the arguments against this are going to fall on deaf ears . Steel is needed , whether the mine is here or in another country .
This isn't the only way, clown.

The Tories have destroyed UK steel and have destroyed UK mining.

They are the ones who are running the upcoming global Green conference.

And they are the ones waving this through.

Any old gibberish from any old posh mediocrity will do for you, won't it Grandad?

You lot don't care just so long as you can blame all your lifes failures on Pakistan
19/01/2021 17:19:14 17 2
UK steel was destroyed by cheap, subsidised, foreign imports
19/01/2021 17:54:54 4 1
Very partisan inaccurate comments there, you omit to mention we were tied into the EU, bound by rules that forbid the government to temporary support our steel industry with state funds.
19/01/2021 18:23:48 4 1
Not very bright are you.
19/01/2021 16:52:15 40 173
There are other ways of making steel. And steel itself usually isn't the best material for the job - it has lots of issues like being heavy and corroding easily.
Aren't you a stupid PRAT! You obviously no nothing about steel or any other metal! What are you intending to replace it with? Removed
19/01/2021 17:10:49 5 30
Coal was only needed in high quality steel produced from old open hearth furnaces which were scrapped 60 years ago,this country has had Arc Furnaces for 80 years requiring no coal.
Again some idiot with no knowledge as to how steel is made!! Removed
Happy to see that most can see the lefty liberal media feeding frenzy for what it is

They'll distil this down even more simply if the green lobby don't get their way

Cumbria coal mine to start production - runaway climate change

Cumbria coal mine shelved - planet saved (with accompanying photo of polar bear)
Happy to see that most can see the lefty liberal media feeding frenzy for what it is

They'll distil this down even more simply if the green lobby don't get their way

Cumbria coal mine to start production - runaway climate change (with photo of smoke stack)

Cumbria coal mine shelved - planet saved (with photo of polar bear)
Talking about pollution. Milan are the latest city to ban smoking within 30 feet of people and in parks, etc. Best thing ever. Whole of UK need to follow suit. Sick of inhaling smoker's 2nd hand smoke giving me a bad chest. When covid preys on our lungs and we are all trying to stay healthy. Removed
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Are you a 5 year old girl? Utterly pathetic comment and irrelevant to the discussion.
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And no

Area of high unemployment

Build a battery factory there given EU / UK deal makes this a necessity
Don't speak on matters you have no understanding of, it only makes you look like a moron. Removed
Boris lied about the green revolution. Has he told the truth about anything??? Removed
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Some embarrassing comments in this forum today. However, I notice it's generally children who believe in man made climate change rather than adults.
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Why is the BBC even bothering to ask a Swedish child for her view, it's irrelevant. There's a 16 year old girl lives next door to me, why didn't you ask her? Another biased BBC report.
A 16-year-old girl is making you look a old fool. Why would that be? She is the future while you are the past and the sooner you're gone.... Removed
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she is pathetic and used by her loser mother and others feel sorry for her and her aspergers very sad
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Genuine question - are there any steel plants in the world that use hydrogen? And would the steel be produced at a cost that would make it competitive in the market or is this another green project that needs massive taxpayer subsidy?
no because making hydrogen cost lots of money which would be put on the price of steel ,m so they would buy more steel from china. Which means the steel works will close and steel workers will be on the dole, of course the retard environment people cant see that though Removed
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Humans need Steel .. Humans do not need the BBC, Green Party or COP26.

The BBC should be made to create and use it's own food, technology and information.

Perhaps then when it falls flat on its backside the facts will hit home and the Rhetoric will stop.

Practice what you preach BBC.
Muddled mantra like thinking from the usual bunch of middle class, vegan munching environmentalists. Or should i say mentals. Removed
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"vegan munching"

You mean cannibals?
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So smog, slag heaps, climate change and pit disasters are oh so much better then....
Oh get real or at least live in the 21st Century. Smog and slag heaps are things of the past. And I suspect modern technology will minimise the number of pit disasters. How many have there been in the UK in the last 50 years? This is one new coal mine. Get some perspective. Removed
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No coal=no steel. It's as simple as that. However, steel would still be made here, but with coal imported from Russia or China, which would be even more environmentally unfriendly. And then there's the heritage steam railway business which has an annual turnover of hundreds of millions of pounds. Is that going to have to stop too?

We need some brave forward thinking here.
19/01/2021 19:51:49 3 6
Oh well if it makes jobs anything goes. Let’s open a slave market, must be jobs in that too. That is how the future will look back on fossil fuel rapers of the earth for money. As we look back at slave trading.
your an idiot of a cnut Removed
19/01/2021 19:54:59 4 3
Does this mean that we'll look back at Extinction Rebellion and other activists the same way we now look at the louts and vandals and woke half-wits that daubed offensive slogans on the Cenotaph, Churchill's statue and so on?
If you want to see a halfwit, buy a mirror?? Removed
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The sooner this country decides it's own future which it will do and with far greater "green credentials" than most other Western nations the better. We should not be dictated to by silly little girls who don't even live here. If Saint Greta wants to make a real change to the world's environment, go and preach to the Chinese, Indians, Vietnamese, Americans etc etc.
she could just top herself. that will take away the carbon footprint of the next time she flies a sailor from the uk to the US to sail her carbon free from the US to Spain. cant make this shiiiiiiiot up Removed
Get the population down.

Exit overstayers, illegal migrants, asylum seekers, criminals etc etc

Quite a few million there.

Government has the majority to force through legislation to change the laws to easily facilitate removal especially in conjunction with UN.
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This abdication of national and global responsibility, leaning into Trumpism and our post-Brexit splendid but vulnerable isolation, ducking out of EU and global-trading inter-dependence in advance of a raw-materials squeeze in a world still headed into runaway eco-catastrophe, comes just 9-days before ICSPL consultation closure: our blindness resolute on lack of Lord Nolan's 'selfless integrity'.
buffoon Removed
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And killing a few million more worldwide with the extra CO2 generated. Haven't you killed enough with Covid?
What a ridiculous reply, you insult the medical people and everyone else fighting to get rid of covid, are you such a fu lucking fool you think it’s deliberate?. Removed
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The richest 1% do more environmental damage, and create twice as much CO2 as the poorest 50% of the planet
Tosser. Removed
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You seem to be a professional in the matter judging by most of your posts, try some education instead of peddling tosh and vulgarity ????