Schools may reopen region by region, says medical adviser
19/01/2021 | news | education | 594
Top medical adviser suggests schools in England may reopen region by region after lockdown.
The teacher who lives across from us is really enjoying her Covid holiday thank you very much... Removed
19/01/2021 14:43:55 26 5
That's odd because all the teachers I know are working doubly hard as they are in school (all schools have the children of key workers) as well as taking zoom classes and setting homework for the kids at home. Anyone would think you were making it up!
19/01/2021 14:50:47 1 3
So she has been ill ?

How about some empathy, Mrs Grump ?
19/01/2021 14:51:07 3 3
What an unhelpful and bitter attitude. Any teacher I know has worked tirelessly throughout each lockdown with video lessons and student / family support to add. Each of those that I have spoken to have found this thankless when surrounded by furloughed neighbours sitting in gardens drinking all spring 2020 and having an extended Christmas this year. Teachers teach because they care.
19/01/2021 14:53:29 4 3
We don't enjoy being stuck at home. I work with kids who have difficulty accessing the curriculum, which is impossible to do remotely. I go to work masked and in a shield. Anyone can chose a different place to shop, but some kids have no choice about their education. If the government wants kids in school, it has to provide the means to allow schools to stay open.
19/01/2021 15:05:46 1 2
Well perhaps having a little more sleep due to no travel is nice. However, getting sick and tired of ppl who do not work in schools claiming teachers aren't working. Everyone that I know is working their but off!
There is no joined up thinking from these clowns.Keep the schools closed until all clear is sounded.The kids can remain in school another year , which apparently won't do the male pupils any harm at all , as many of them do not have functioning brains until they reach 16 or 17 . Removed
19/01/2021 15:04:17 0 1
Where do you propose they put the new cohort in the broom cupboard? Likewise who’s going to teach them?
19/01/2021 15:06:53 4 10
No no no. All schools need to remain closed until at least Easter. It's not safe yet for schools to be open
I am reporting all comments that suggest limiting children’s chances & freedoms. They have no right to reply to discrimination & misinformation that limits their lives. Removed
19/01/2021 15:18:09 2 1
"discrimination & misinformation" ? Where??
Our new leader can tell what to do from tomorrow. London awaiting Washingtons instructions. Removed
19/01/2021 15:32:38 0 2
Very silly comment.
19/01/2021 15:19:56 2 2
Nor do they "deserve" to transmit Covid. Daft.
When you get the vaccine you'll still be able to transmit Covid. Who is the daft one? You're so dumb it's unreal. Covid is here to stay. Deal with it or hide away but don't let kids hide away just because of everyone else's inability to process the fact that Covid ain't going anywhere. Removed
19/01/2021 15:42:07 1 1
That's offensive. Bye!
To me its obvious women are the main spreaders. They talk more, social more and are more likely to do shopping and taking kids to school.

But what do I know..
19/01/2021 15:04:36 8 13
Schools should reopen after Feb half term. No ifs. No buts. The Government promised to put kids first and they've not done this. Kids are being demoralized and mentally affected by not being able to go to school and it has to end somewhere. I'd encourage all parents whose kids are not at school now to apply to get their kids back after Feb half term regardless. Kids do not deserve to suffer.
19/01/2021 15:59:02 4 11
My advice to the under-18s would be to harness the power of social media, organise themselves and revolt. They have a raw deal, and they shouldn't tolerate it.
dickhead Removed
19/01/2021 16:43:28 4 6
The tier/region system is nonsense. Utter nonsense.

We are a tiny, tiny, tiny island densely packed with people (many of whom struggle with the native tongue and/or have beliefs that the virus is a punishment from God and that vaccines will send them to hell).

Release us from our prison NOW - before things get very ugly (much uglier than Covid).