Eurovision Song Contest 2021: James Newman reselected as UK's entry
19/02/2021 | news | other | 141
The singer has been reselected to sing for the UK, after the cancellation of last year's show.
Well, with the BBC flogging Ru Paul's freak show, Auntie is obviously happy to promote the concept of men dressing and prancing in preposterous fashion in a blatant pastiche of women. So surely it's time to reprise the Black and White Minstrel Show..? Removed
There'll be plenty of sailor boys about that night. Even the venue, "Ahoy" sounds camp. Removed
19/02/2021 17:50:55 8 3
What does that even mean, you prlck? Removed
19/02/2021 22:32:51 1 0
Zero points for you not knowing that
19/02/2021 20:46:02 2 2
We've left the EU why are we still wasting money on this garbage event. Lordi, Bucks Fizz and Abba are the only competitors I can even remember.
You forgot the question mark. But I’ll answer anyway. It’s to wind scumbags like you up Removed