Australia set India 328 for victory
18/01/2021 | sport | cricket | 319
India will need to bat out the final day of the fourth Test against Australia in Brisbane to retain the Border-Gavaskar Trophy.
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If India win this with their 3rd string team, then it would rank as one of the greatest victory's of any nation.

Common India, you can do it!!!
"Victory's"?? Go back to primary school, idiot Removed
Why does every nation dislike the Aussies?

Cheating, wiping out batsman's mark, sledging.....and because of the sheer arrogance!!!
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My dad who remembers the SA team of the 50s, say noone is as arrogant as the Proteas. When they returned we saw them in the early 90s. His comment? Theo nly change in the South Africans is they now have non whites playing. but they're just as arrogant!
Going by the typical charming comments on here, you can see why the convicts considered themselves so lucky to be sent to Aus ?? Removed
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Well at least they have fantastic hot summers - could do with some of that here in Blighty
Wash off the 'politically correct veneer' of the Aussie and their amygdala takes over, epinephrine surges forth: the Kid behind the stumps ( ° ?? °) cannot shut his mouth while someone Smudges the crease. It is not arrogance or conversely disrespect, it's founded in the inheritance of their origins, a nation of immigrants with no cultural roots. The results are heard at the stumps. (like the USA) Removed
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The word 'pompous' comes to mind after reading this. So you condemn a whole nation in your penultimate sentence. You can call that arrogance, even racist, I would call it snobbery.
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Steve Smith has some serious mental problems.
I find his friendship with Labuschagne unhealthy. Removed
Smith & Labuschagne.
Anyone else find their "friendship" unhealthy?? I've got no issues as such but..
Last day of the series tonight ( CET ).

It will be interesting to see if Smudge still feels the need to get out on that wicket and do a bit of left handed shadow batting whilst digging his studs into that pitch.

If I was the Indian management I would have people deployed and watching that pitch all night.

We know what they are like?
18/01/2021 18:17:37 2 1
A doctored surface... who would have thought it in Australia! At least there aren’t huge great cracks in the pitch.
Just went out to my road outside my house and scraped with 4mm spikes. Didnt do much. Removed
18/01/2021 19:45:57 1 1
What if you use a minty mate? ??
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Whilst I have you and Scaarn on here I have to say I am gutted for you both.

2 excellent cricket fans who once again have been totally let down by your cricket team.

This series has been another disaster for Australia.
Does Steve Smith get paid for being the groundskeeper at the Gabba? Removed
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Me: I'm always up for a bit of sledging/banter on the field. This is top level sport for goodness sake! If you don't have the mental fortitude/minerals don't play! Also love a bit of crowd banter and we Brits (& Aussies) do it quite well I reckon. Again, don't step over the line. Racism, on or off the field? That's a red card for me. No more & no room for it in 2021. Kick them out & call them out.