Sanderson named Sale director of rugby
15/01/2021 | sport | rugbyunion | 175
Sale Sharks appoint former England flanker and Saracens forwards and defence coach Alex Sanderson as director of rugby.
The BBC in their infinite wisdom decided not to open a HYS on it, so I'll do it here. Surely its time to cancel the whole of the Champions and Challenge Cups? If I'm right, qualification for the quarter finals is now done, after 2 matches, some of which have been cancelled. At a quick look 3 of 8 of the Champions Cup QFs will be there off the back of a cancelled game. Its a farce, just cancel it Removed
15/01/2021 11:53:52 7 3
Sadly, even though Wasps would have a strong chance of winning the tournament, I have to agree. I doubt any club would see this as a "proper" win of the cup - and if the French are not allowing games now, why would they in a few weeks time? - it is a farce and should have been cancelled from the start (something I suggested on these HYS a while back and was ridiculed for).
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Wayne Pivac was in too much demand- best coach in world rugby
If you cannot be sensible trot away like a good boy Removed
15/01/2021 12:42:35 9 3
Great appointment. They have the potential to be a great side, but just aren't delivering at the moment.
Too many Saffie mercenaries. Removed
Excellent coach, glad to see he has finally washed his hands of the salarysin scum. Removed
Considering what was going on at saracens. He's not proven anything. He's just another cheat Removed
Your surname says it all! No doubt a bitter Exeter fan. Removed
Not keen on him to be honest. Done well with a team surrounded by a culture of cheating. Removed
15/01/2021 13:40:05 6 4
give it a rest you p***k
Considering what was going on at saracens. He's not proven anything. He's just another cheat Removed
Your surname says it all! No doubt a bitter Exeter fan. Removed
Good coach I rate him highly, alas just another rat jumping ship. Removed
15/01/2021 13:59:02 3 15
sinking ship.

And I wouldn't call him a rat. Disrespectful.

nigel wray now he is a rat.
15/01/2021 13:38:17 6 11
It is a great choice and a perfect fit. He should lose the Saracens tag as fast as possible. Recommend he only talks about Sale and integrity, honesty, openness, hard work, plus do not recruit loads of Saracens players. Good luck to him.
Very likeable bloke, I don't mind if he recruits Sarries players, It is a better solution for our game than recruiting more Saffers into the Premiership and I am aware of Sarries having started with Saffers. Removed
15/01/2021 13:54:35 1 3
Sarries players are more expensive & salary cap is reducing next season.
15/01/2021 14:01:22 0 3
Casper right. You are not.

The rugby world shouldn't forget after a short time just because you wish it would.
Another p***k Removed
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Good luck on a wet Friday night down at Cornish Pirates. arf arf
15/01/2021 15:23:59 2 11
It seems the dismantling of Saracens continues apace ... its really such a shame as everyone was/is cheating in some way. Still the eleventh commandment applies at all times
Salerycens level of cheating (and lack of any contrition after being collared for it TWICE) is to a different scale to anyone before. But just like Trump supporters many don't want to recognise it. Removed
15/01/2021 16:32:46 1 2
Many Saracens haters don't want to accept how much Saracens helped development of players from many nationalities, helped young English coaches and England rugby.

If you actually read the facts, you'll know that Chris Ashton was not a Saracens player at the time, he counted towards the cap.

30% of £800k or 30% for £1.6m valuation of image rights - which is more beneficial for the player?
15/01/2021 15:50:40 3 3
I dont know about the Sale fans but, the decision to scrap the last 2 rounds of the Champions League has made an even bigger mockery out of the competition. We now have a team with ONE POINT into the playoffs. The organizers look like dolts - they should have made it simple. The Top 16 teams with the most points would contest the knockout stages.
This has nothing to do with the article. Nil points. Removed
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Just like to let you know when the rugby community were fund raising for my daughter-in-law and grandson Nigel Wray was one of those to put his hand in his pocket
Well that's nice of him - and there are many great philanthropists today and in history. Colston, Saville, Epstein, Uihlein ...

Not that Wray is that bad. He has merely overseen and enabled long term cheating by a rugby club. Just to point out that an act of charity doesn't justify your other actions