Covid-19: We can make this the peak by following rules, says Hancock
13/01/2021 | news | uk | 2,131
The health secretary urges people to follow rules, saying "individual decisions" make a difference.
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Until people are put before profit, this virus will continue to spread and evolve, possibly into something all the more deady and a virus that has once more no human immunity against it once more. That is pretty well what happened with the 1918 pandemic.

The UK needs a total lockdown of 21 days or so with no travel in or out of the UK allowed. Simple as that. Then track and trace!
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Must be hard to say what the UK needs when you don't live here and just rely on news media.
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UK Govt's "track and trace" is a classic example of putting profit first. Hugely expensive, totally ineffective and completely pointless once the virus is widespread.

"Putting people first" would be to remove all the restrictions as they are causeing more misery, prolonged ill health and premature death than the coronavirus ever could.