Covid-19: Williamson promises 300,000 extra laptops
12/01/2021 | news | education | 477
The laptops and tablets will be delivered to schools in England to support disadvantaged pupils.
12/01/2021 14:39:28 43 11
£100m for 300k laptops & tablets? Seems rather steep. I guess the contract must be going to some friend of the ERG (perhaps Dido Harding can do it?), then more millions will be spent when the govt are sued, again, for not following their own bidding laws.

Still, keep heaping this debt on the future generations while lining the pockets of your own mates – you are Tories after all.
About £300 per laptop with the necessary software isn't excessive.
Make sure your facts are correct before you start your start voicing your left wing garbage.

Ever worked for a lliving? I doubt it.
12/01/2021 15:04:53 18 1
Blimey, personal attacks is it? At least I can spell "living"

Well, I run a software security company, so this is pretty up my street. For our European expansion, we got 500 units at £200 each, with a lot more software than schools would need. I wouldn't pay £333 per unit.

Perhaps you can furbish myself & other readers with your evidence than my experience is "left wing garbage"? I dare you.
12/01/2021 15:20:57 4 0
What a sour lemon you are !!
And Such an expert ! Work ? You ? don't make me laugh - you never did. Easy isn't it ? ;)
12/01/2021 16:04:55 3 8
As a headteacher I commend you for being so efficient in this time of pressure on your school to have the time to make inane political statements on here.
(I, by the way, am semi-retired and come on these forums to make a nuisance of myself too.)
You are a disgrace; even if you are semi-retarded! Removed
13/01/2021 10:22:21 7 0
As someone who is responsible for issuing these laptops to students I am shocked at the poor quality of these. Many we have had don't even have working USB ports, brand new and faulty! They are always delayed and of poorer spec than what you initially ordered.
It seems Chartwells the "school dinners" company aren't the only ones making a huge profit off tax-payers! (Why so little coverage BBC?)
And why no mention chartwells are part of rashford's own food taskforce why did he not act sooner over their standards? They joined his task force in December Removed