Covid: 'I’m one of those people who’s been left out'
11/01/2021 | news | business | 265
An industry group wants more state help for people like Jon Wilding, whose business is hit by the pandemic.
The SNP are hoarding money for their Indy campaign.

It's certainly not going to small businesses as Westminster wanted it to.

Shame on them.

Vote them OUT in May.
11/01/2021 14:58:45 5 26
You obviously have a proof of that, right?

Easily remedied via the proper channels...
11/01/2021 17:37:53 0 3
United Ireland and Independent Scotland E U Nations will be out of this obscene stramash we in England are stuck with it
The SNP are not interested in business.

They just want to recreate the old East Germany in the North.

State control of everything.

Money given to approved businesses, mainly run by ex SNP advisors, MSP etc

Lots of hand outs . Bribes to voters.

Cowards unable to introduced new taxes but they have the devolved power.

Just want to blame Westminster for everything.

Vote them OUT in May.
11/01/2021 15:37:27 4 2
How can people not see this...its so obvious
11/01/2021 16:30:14 0 0
snp have a massive majority and will win every seat in may , especially after english labour voted with the tories on brexit , at scotlands fishermen and farmers expense . SNP AWAYS DO WHATS BEST FOR SCOTTISH BUSINESS
SNP support promises have delivered little

Constant examples of people saying they have waited over 5 months for grants?

Councils looking for £30m promised to help self-employed?

£20m SFA money..still waiting?

BUT JOHN SWINNEY STILL SAYING INDEPENDENCE more important in the covid fight in Scotland

#indyoverlives or #indyoverjobs
I am sorry for the tens of thousands of young Scots, who have been thrown on the unemployment scrapheap, by the feckless actions of Sturgeon, and her SNP SG.
These separatists could not care less, about the economic Armageddon they have caused in Scotland. All that is of any interest to them is separation, and the destruction of the UK. They are all, shameless separatist charlatans.
its quite funny how the snp office directs the deflecting staff to each type of social media. but twitter is the problem for them as there are too many outlets , that is why they only come on here at certain times , then if you look at twitter, the same comments and abuse word for word Removed