Online retailer Ocado warns of shortages as suppliers cut choice
10/01/2021 | news | business | 243
It said there may be "an increase of missing items and substitutions over the next few weeks".
11/01/2021 10:37:33 6 15
The article quotes "a severe challenge to the industry and to the smooth running of the nation's food supply chain" as a direct result of Brexit.

Do to 25% of the population who voted in favour of Brexit in 2016 still think it was worth it?
Those who voted in the referendum to Leave won the arguments. To spread lies like you are doing is a great disservice to the majority of Remainers who accepted the democratic vote and just want to make the best of it. And no the result was not to my liking.

You are nothing more than a tiny minority shouting, willing to sabotage the UK just to prove a point. Try joining the LibDems
11/01/2021 11:24:07 4 7
It's probably due to Brexit. Warnings were given, but ignored.
Just as likely caused by your bias & education level!

Correlation doesnt mean causation.
For anyone who thinks BBC publish fake stories even though they carry exactly the same stories as other news outlets , here is a lovely photo of M & S near Dublin
Missing items and substitutions? Sounds like the Scottish Government evidence submitted to the Salmond enquiry. Removed