Train services set to be reduced in lockdown
05/01/2021 | news | business | 162
Some in the industry are anticipating reductions of between 50-60% of normal service in England.
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Are the stalking rules in Scotland good..?

Think Ron is stalking my every post.....

I expect the usual, not happy, leave message soon.... Its a Nationalist thing!
Dearie me Drew. You must be sooooooo upset. Nobody paying a blind bot of attention to you except me. Bullies' hate being challenged. How does it feel to be a bully Drew? Fun is it? Removed
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Think the person following and stalking (online) is not me.... Staljer/bully doth protest too much........ I have not told u to stop posting?
But you have and been quite strong and 'bully' like in manner and attitude.....

Look within thyself.
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Reuced train services. Atleast they are mobile. Unlike the two scandalous ferries going nowhere fast! Oh Eck!
Very late crawling out from under your stone today. Too cold? Removed
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Are you? Is it, I don't know.
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All toasty here pod. You on Pork Pie again for lunch! Oh Eck! Happy Brexit